Friday, December 30, 2005

Conclusion - Learn The NEW Universal Truths of Network Marketing

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Yesterday was very busy for me. I had every intention of completing "Learn The NEW Universal Truths of Network Marketing". My offline business in mortgage processing did not allow for me complete it. So, I am going to pick up where I left off yesterday.

Why Network Marketing Companies Need Reps

Why would a company pay you to recommend their products when they could just spend money on advertising instead? Well, in short - its the most beneficial way to do business GLOBALLY.

Advertising is a hit or miss, we all know that. Networking companies could spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a national ad campaign, and there is still a chance it wouldn’t be profitable, and it would only be aired nationally.

On the other hand, with the network marketing model, the company pays only when a sale is made. It’s a win/win situation for them and their reps.

GDI loves network marketing because it has allowed them to expand their product and opportunity into over 200 countries worldwide. They know they could not have done this without their reps, so they choose to reward them handsomely for their efforts.

Reps are also needed to train and motivate their downlines. They work as a team to achieve a common goal, and they love doing business that way!

When is the Right Time to Join a Network Marketing Company?

Does timing matter when it comes to joining a network marketing company? Well, only you know when the time is right for you. Most companies never hit their full market saturation.
There are usually two major phases of growth where it’s very fun to be a part of a network marketing company.

1) Early Growth Phase – in the early startup growth phase, a company starts to pick up steam and build its base of distributors. It can be extra- profitable to join and start building your network in a company during this phase.

2) Momentum Phase - in this phase, word starts getting out about a company and serious reps start making very good money. This is where “duplication” really kicks in and organizations start taking on a life of their own. This is the 2-3 year period before a company hits its “critical mass” and becomes a household name.

If you want to make a lifelong income in a network marketing company, it is highly recommended that you join a company during one of these phases, before the company hits critical mass.

GDI is currently in its first growth phase. Although the company has been around marketing domain names since 1999, as of this writing (early 2005) – the opportunity has been around less than a year.

The company is starting to attract the attention of serious network marketing players, which in turn is beginning to make GDI reps some very nice income as a result of outstanding activity and sales that are being generated. NOW is a great time to get involved with GDI, before they hit their quick growth during their momentum phase.

How to Present a Network Marketing Product

Okay, you’ve decided to become a rep of a network marketing company and it’s time to get things rolling. But how do you promote the products?

First and foremost, you must be confident in the product and know that it is everything the company says it is. If you don’t use the product yourself, you might as well find another company before you begin.

To successfully market any product, your prospects must be able to hear and adopt your own excitement about what you are selling.

The best way to market a product online is using a combination of automation, which explains and presents the product and the reps, then follow-up and answer questions, and tells prospects where to signup.

An example of such a automated presentation GDI uses can be found at:

GDI keeps it simple by, SHOWING PEOPLE THEIR MOVIE. The movie does a very good job of signing people up for a free trial of with their company. Those who don’t signup immediately after watching it often just have a question or two before they signup, so it’s always a good idea to follow-up whenever possible.

If you are working with another company, make sure that they have a set way of doing things that isn’t going to require you to memorize lengthy sales pitches or ingredient lists. Most of your prospects just care, “What’s in it for me”, so the company presentation needs to get to that as soon as possible.

YOUR job as a rep is to be there to answer questions and inform, and to guide people in the right direction.

A Closing Technique that Really Works

People make closing the sale a lot more difficult than it has to be. To sum up what “closing” really is, it’s asking for the sale. (Or in the case of GDI, FREE SIGNUP).

Before you ask for that sale, you must know that you have given your prospect proper motivation to purchase (or join).

Know a person’s reason for looking at your opportunity in the first place, so you can show them how your opportunity fits into what they are looking for. There are so many great reasons for joining and promoting a network marketing company, I’m absolutely sure you’ll find plenty that fit in perfectly with the prospect you are talking to.

Simply put, just bring out their own motivations for wanting what you have, then ask for the sale in the most simple way possible. Don’t beat around the bush. Answer any questions they have, then ask for the sale and be confident that the outcome will be what you want it to be. It’s as simple as that. This technique works both on the phone and by email.

The key is to LISTEN and LEARN about your prospects.

Training and Duplication

No matter what company you work with, they should have a system for training and duplication, to show new reps what needs to be done and how the business works, and tools that will allow them to duplicate the success of their upline members who are already successful.

A simple proven system is key. GDI has this. Does your company?

When a new member signs up with GDI, the member receives an entire series of training/instruction emails. They also have access to company’s twice weekly opportunity calls, so members can bring prospects to them if they are not comfortable answering questions themselves.

To get a sampling of how these conference calls work, you can listen in on one of GDI’s conference calls, right now at:

I hope this report was useful in helping you learn the truths about Network Marketing companies and what to look for in a Network Marketing Company. I hope it will help you in making a decision to work with a great network marketing company in the near future and has shown you why GDI is an outstanding opportunity that you can get started with, for free.

For more information regarding Global Domain International’s opportunity, you can find it at:

I wish you much success, and if you are going to pursue ANY network marketing opportunity, I hope you ensure that it meets the criteria I provided in today’s and yesterday’s postings.

Happy Marketing and Happy New Year to ALL!

Christine Range
Internet Marketing Specialist