Friday, December 26, 2008

Are your fingers tired from typing?

Unrivaled Supplier of Speech Recognition Software:

Nuance Communication, the leading supplier of speech recognition has a solution resource for those tired of typing or those who are simply "typing challenged". It's called Dragon Naturally Speaking 10. Just imagine being able to focus solely on your content and not your typing!

Basically what this desktop software does is convert your spoken words instantly and quickly into text for documents, email, instant messaging and more at a much greater speed than typing it yourself.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Standard by Nuance

Most people speak about 120 words per minute, yet they type about 40 words per minute. Using Dragon Naturally Speaking, you can turn your voice into text 3x's faster with up to 99% accuracy.

Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 Reviewed on CNBC:

David Pogue, New York Times tech columnist and CNBC contributor reviewed the newly released version 10 software and liked it very much. When you get to the site, be sure to check out the video of his review (it's under resources).

For those of you who are familiar with Dragon Natural Speaking, version 10 offers more speed, more accuracy and more features than previous versions.

What's New In Dragon Naturally Speaking 10:
  • Delivers up to 20% more accurate results than Version 9

  • Transcribed words now appear on the screen in half the time it took in the past

  • New Dragon Voice shortcuts allow you to search and surf the web for information, products, news and more with a single voice command

  • Updated graphic icons for DragonBar are intuitive and easy to see

  • New Voice Formatting makes it easier to format, delete and copy words and passages with a single command

  • Faster than previous versions - significant improvement's of response time, more than 50% reduction in the time it takes words to appear

  • Improved Help System and Tutorials provide enhanced sample commands and interactive HTML Tutorials

Product Types:

Dragon Naturally Speaking has 3 Product Types to fit the needs of anyone looking for a way to create documents without typing them.

  1. Standard ~ ideal for individual consumers, freelance writers

  2. Preferred ~ for solopreneurs, entrepreneurs and individuals

  3. Professional ~ business users, enterprises, organizations, legal and medical professions

I was totally amazed when I learned about all the different types of people and professions who are using this software to increase productivity, i.e. police divisions, legal offices, medical industry, non-profit organizations; just to name a few.

Media Buzz:

Dragon Natural Speaking has been featured in the news creating quite a media buzz.

  • September 3, 2008 - Dragon Natural Speaking from Nuance Wins Prestigious PC Magazine Editors Choice Award

  • August 7, 2008 - Nuance Communication introduces Dragon Natural Speaking 10, Breakthrough New Release of World's Leading Speech Recognition Software

For anyone who wants to focus more on content and not on typing, this is a must have productivity tool!

Language Versions Available:
* American English * Australian English * Southern Asian English * Indian English * UK English * Teen English * Dutch * French * German * Italian * Spanish

A Continued Happy and Safe Holiday to ALL!!

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Top Best Selling Christmas Toys | For Kids On Your Shopping List

Christmas is just around the bend... Are you still trying to decide on the perfect gifts - for the kids on your shopping list?

Winter Snow Pictures, Images and Photos

Well, thanks to Tasha Miller, today's Guest Author, she's giving you the TOP Christmas toy items that will surely help your gift selection become a whole lot easier.

Top 10 Hot Christmas Toys for Kids
By Tasha Miller

As Christmas approaches it is a time for giving. Sometimes it can be a challenge picking the perfect gift can be at times a tough decision, specifically when shopping for the children on your list. choose from it can be difficult to figure out what toys kids want and will enjoy. So take the guesswork out of your Christmas shopping this year and review these Top 10 Hot Christmas Toys for Kids this holiday season.

1. Bakugan Battle Pack - Coming in random varieties and colors making them enjoyable to collect. Bakugan Battle Pack lets players to expand their collection of both Bakuman and the cards that go with them. This will make the game even more interesting due to the ever growing number of combinations.

2. The Wave Original Street Surfing Board - Everyone's talking about the new Wave Street Surfer. The Wave Street Surfer is designed to blend the excitement of snowboarding, surfing and skateboarding into one amazing design means youll have hours of fun riding it!

3. Razor PowerWing Caster Scooter - Self propelled, simply requiring a twist of your feet to start up the Razor Power Wing Drifting Scooter. The unique design with rear caster wheels and a double wing platform you stand on. Includes a patent-pending brake system incorporated in the 125MM front wheel allowing you to ride in style.

4. Wild Planet Hyper Dash - This fast paced game puts the players against electronic taggers that play music, calls out voice commands that tell you what needs to be done next in a race against time to tag as many targets as you can identify by number or color. Play solo or with up to 4. Designed to improve listening, coordination and math skills.

5. Bakugan Starter Pack - Made popular by the anime TV series "Bakugan Battle Brawlers". The Bakugan Starter Pack has everything that a player needs to start playing and racking up points by targetiing your Bakugan to land on the correct cards.

6. Fisher-Price Elmo Live! - You favorite fun loving friend Elmo from the popular childrens show Sesame Street is back! Life like complex actions with his mouth, head and arms while he sings, tells stories and even crosses his legs when he sits down on the stool included with your purchase.

7. Scene It? Seinfeld - Challenge yourself and or your friends to find out who actually knows more trivia about the famous sitcom Seinfeld by testing your knowledge with Scene It? Deluxe Edition Seinfeld DVD.

8. Blokus - Given the Mensa award for encouraging creative brain activity among children, Blokus is a new type of puzzle, that stimulates spatial thinking. Being the first person with no more puzzle pieces left is the goal of the game.. The only trick is your last puzzle piece must touch one of the other players pieces on at least one corner with the pieces already down on the game board. You can also try to block other players with your own pieces for even more fun.

9. Bakugan Battle Arena - From the popular by the TV anime show known as Bakugan Battle Brawlers, the strategy game uses Bakugan Warriors with names such as Fear Ripper, Robatallians and Juggernoid on the play field where you battle for points. Designed for children ages 4 and up, The Bakugan Battle Arena allows them to play on a large, black battle field collecingt points with their Bakugan Launcher or simply rolling them onto the magnetic cards in the arena causing the release of their fearsome Bakugan Warriors from inside.

10. Crayola Color Explosion Glow Board - Your child is going to love the Crayola Color Explosion Glow Board. Offering children an fantastic way to show their artistic talents. As they draw their pictures come to life and light up much like a neon sign. When lit, special lights inside the board cause the ink bring out a vivid neon glow. With a reusable surface -- ink erases in an instant -- making it good for hours of fun at a time.

About the Author:

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Article Submitter Review

While article submission isn't anything shockingly new to
the world of SEO, many people STILL don't do it... and for good reason. It takes so incredibly long to do this internet task manually.

I'll admit, I had tried article submission at one point, but
after I finally found a few article directories to submit my articles to,
and then after manually copying and pasting my information into the required
text boxes on each submission site, I quickly realized that my time could be
better spent doing something else.

Then I came across a free program created by Brad Callen and Bryxen Software, Inc. that allows you to automatically submit your articles to hundreds of article directories with a few mouse clicks. Basically all had to do was input my article criteria into the software, ONCE! Then, the program would automatically fill in all of the required data at each of the submission websites. Pretty incredible if you ask me.

The only part I didn't understand was why the program is free...
but I can't argue with that I suppose.

The software currently contains around 700 article directories,
all free to submit your articles to. It is the most straightforward program
that we've come across, in that all you need to do is:

1. Input your article details into the software (i.e. title, article body, bio,

2. Click on the directory you want to submit to

And then the program will automatically fill in your article
details. Next, you simply click the submit button and your article is instantly
submitted to the directory. At this point, you can move to the next directory, go through the list, and by the time you're finished you'll have roughly 700 one way
links pointing to your website.

I can't think of an easier way to get links. Of course, if
you're going to get links this quickly, it's important to submit different
variations of your articles, to make things look more natural to the search

You can do this very easily via Article
when you create your project in the beginning.

The software is constantly being updated and
there is an incredible community of users
established that all work together to
make the software better and better, so
you know you're getting great value for
the money.

To check out the software, go here:

Article Submitter Free Download

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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Blogging For Pleasure

Various news stories, discussions, opinions, reviews and more are brought to a big audience worldwide through blogs. One excellent way to use blogs is to tell the world how you feel about something. Using a blog to express yourself openly can help you to vent off some collected pieces of your mind without offending anyone.

You can freely express your opinions and say exactly what you think through blogs. You might find people who passionately oppose what you have to say, but then, you will also find people who feel exactly the same way. Even if you just want to rant and rave about something annoying that happened during the day, you will find kindred souls.

There are many bloggers who take the time to express their opinions to the world. Sometimes, these blogs are side-splitting and focus on the absurdity in everyday life. Other times, you'll come across blogs which are bordering on the unpleasantness, simply because the truth hurts.

There are unbiased blogs which provide information about daily incidents and occurrences and visitors can easily take part in the discussions, contribute their opinions and help keep the blog interesting and enjoyable.

Of course, keeping your blog updated and interesting is not easy - you will have to work at it. This is especially true if you deal with current affairs and hard news. This usually makes such blogs take second place to personal ones.

In the world outside of the internet, most social conversations rally around who did what, went where and how it effected someone else etc. These same discussions make interesting topics on the web as well. So, a blog to show everyone your displeasure at world politics or the noise from your neighbor's backyard can be your ranting and raving outlet for your own peace of mind.

You can even be a guest blogger on a more popular blog that already gets a nice amount of web visitors. Or you can just jump into discussions with what you have to say. Comments are usually welcome from everybody on blogs – just make sure you do not spam. Setting your worries outside and expressing yourself freely on a blog can be a great experience.

Personal blogs are making quite a splash online - you don't want to miss out on all the fun.

About the Author:

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Stop Blaming The Gurus ? | Online Business Marketing

Oh what an article my Guest Author, William Blake has for today's post... His title may be mild, but man oh man does he shed some light on failing internet marketing efforts and just where the blame may lie.

Hint - Hint, the blame is NOT being placed with all those "so called Greedy Gurus". Tune in for a fresh point of view of why so many unsuccessful online entrepreneurs are not winning the internet marketing game. Without further ado...

Article: It's Cooperation, Not Competition
By William Blake

There are those of us in this world that are competitive by nature. We are even competitive about being competitive. We are always thinking in terms of 'winning' or 'losing'.

It's perfectly normal to want to win a competition. The important thing is being able to tell the difference between a competitive event and one won through cooperation.

Unlike normal competitive events internet marketing has no finish line or final goal. In football you want to score more points than the other team within a given time frame, in chess you want to 'check-mate' your opponent. Internet marketing is very different in that the game is never over and there is no time limit.

Internet marketing is at its optimum when it works to research, test, share and act on new ways to do internet marketing better. It works best when working within a community to better itself. Competitive attitudes get in the way and progress is much faster through cooperation.

Everyone gets involved and helps to push the boundaries of internet marketing, simply because everyone knows that there is a collective benefit when new technologies are developed and implemented.

If you are a competitive person you will want to compete to supply more leads, put together more joint ventures, help more people than your competitors.

There is only one way in which competition can help internet marketing, and that is by competing in terms of how cooperative you are compared to your competitor.

There is more than enough business out there for all of us. The supply of customers is not limited, and the benefits for one internet marketer tend to filter down and benefit all of us through cooperation.

Leading on from this is my next point. Stop blaming the Guru's..

We have all met those people that always have an excuse for their own failures. Usually their failure was caused by someone other than themselves according to them.

When they relate their stories one common thread starts to shine through. They were the victims in their failed business. It wasn't their fault that their business failed, they didn't do anything wrong, etc, etc. It's dangerous to believe them purely because it's wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. We all hold success and failure in our hands, and we actively choose one or the other via the decisions we choose to make.

When businesses do fail...and they do....they fail for many reasons none of which can be attributed to others. I have heard internet entrepreneurs lay the blame for the failure of their businesses squarely at the feet of what they mockingly call, 'Internet Gurus'.

These whiners will tell everybody who will listen that the failure of their internet business was not their fault at all and that their businesses failed because a 'guru' led them wrong, sold them products that they didn't need and flooded their inboxes with so many offers that they couldn't get their work done.

When the very successful internet marketers (sometimes called 'gurus') make offers of products to their list of subscribers, they aren't telling anybody that they are REQUIRED to buy the products.

If an offer, or product, is worthy of his list's attention the successful internet marketer has is perfectly able to send this to his list with a clear conscience, even though he knows that this recommendation won't be suitable for everyone on his list. But for several, it will be the perfect tool.

Each internet entrepreneur is responsible for their own success as well as for their own failure if it comes to that. Everybody should know their own business well enough to determine whether a product offered would be truly helpful or not and when advice is given, it is just that, ADVICE.

It isn't an order that you must is only a suggestion. The decisions about your business are always up to you and you alone.

About the Author:

After William's article, I thought some personal empowerment is definitely in order.

Today's Online Resource: Discover the 11 Forgotten Laws That Will Help You Take Control Of Your Financial Destiny...

The Forgotten Laws reveals the answer to why the Law Of Attraction does not work for everyone.

Powerful Information To Jump Start Your Business For 2009 - Click Here

Friday, December 05, 2008

Blog Success Training Center: Jack Humphrey’s Launch - Review

By: Christine Range

Blog Success Founder, Jack Humphrey has finally unveiled their monumental launch of what is being cited as the “be all that there can be” ultimate blogging training module, nothing short of the best blogging training center on the web. Full launch occurred December 2, 2008.

According to the buzz in the blogosphere, this is the long awaited piece of the pie that will allow any "Joe or Jane" blogger to build a presence, reserved only for the elite - to gain their share and position with the most profitable, highest traffic blogs on the web any niche. Designed for beginners and advanced bloggers.

The skeptic in me wants to shout out, “not so fast...blogger wanna make some money folks”. Just another guru trying to pry away your closely guarded hard earned cash for their next latest and greatest product launch. Such skepticism and sometimes bold truth might be the case were it not coming from Jack Humphrey and with his track record.

Reading much of Jack Humphrey’s coaching and mentoring material, I don’t recollect him being categorized as a guru or with the negative connotation that seems to come with the guru heading most recently. A primary focus I have observed is his efforts to bring necessary skills and knowledge to ordinary internet marketers so they could become more successful.

I would be totally amazed Jack Humphrey would attach his name, make far-reaching exaggerated (they all exaggerate somewhat- its marketing) claims, risk ruining his reputation at the expense of others to become even richer. Especially since the claims can be quickly validated or refuted.

This Blog Success training is espoused as bringing significant money making and increased traffic results to its trainees immediately. Every member is on a path to success from day one. Nothing is left to chance. That’s a very bold assertion.

We’re not talking results six months to a year down the road. Following the Blog Success Plan is suppose to render its members fast profits... a primary premise for developing this type of training module. That’s sticking your neck out pretty far and Jack Humphrey is not a stupid man.

The Founder, Jack Humphrey, has been around on the web for 10 years. His past 4 years of endeavors and business ventures elevated him to one of the most respected experts in authority building, link building, blog marketing and social marketing online today.

Reviewing this Blog Success Plan brought me to the conclusion that it's extremely comprehensive. Below is a very condensed version of How-To Answers that will be included, Keys to Success and Training Center Components. Get Blog Success Detailed Training Here

Blog Success Training Answers 5 How-To Questions
#1. How to make money blogging

#2. How to write great content

#3. How to market your blog professionally

#4. How to network and build a following

#5. How to set up your blog for the first time, choose a good domain name, and how to use every facet of software to blog like a professional

5 Keys To Blog Success
1) Mindset: learn what it takes to be a successful blogger from people who currently make tens of thousands of dollars with their blog.

2). Content: learn how to develop attractive content that gets people to link to you and makes your blog search engine friendly.

3) Traffic: learn all the latest techniques professional bloggers use for getting listed in the search engines, building links to your site, social marketing and networking.

4) Monetization: learn the best ways to make the most money with your site.

5) Technical: learn how to use the latest blogging technology available from set up, getting hosting, choosing the right domain name and running a highly profitable blog

Blog Success Training Center Components

Component 1: Proprietary Traffic-Driving Software - desk top applications to generate traffic, build back links and develop exceptional content.

Component 2: Professional One-On-One And Group Coaching From Staff – specialized and custom high-end coaching, training and support system inclusive of experienced programmers and marketers with 50+ years of collective knowledge.

Component 3: Video Training And On-Demand Support - comprehensive training program, teleseminars with featured expert and professional guests, video library with over 200 how-to videos on every aspect of publishing and marketing online.

Component 4: Custom High End Wordpress Templates – Free to members.

For anyone looking for a way to supplement their income or completely replace it, blogging certainly is one avenue to consider.

From all the Blog Success information I reviewed, the training center plan seems to have definitely not left anything to chance, from those who are new and may need some hand holding to more advanced users capitalizing on the latest technology software and insider information.

The one area that may be a drawback to many wanting to take advantage of Blog Success Training is the $97 a month membership fee.

However, Founder, Jack Humphrey indicates the first goal of the training is to show the trainees dozens of ways how to erase their membership fee so they do not have to concern themselves with this expense month after month.

Blog Success does provide a 30 day Money Back Guarantee to the enrolled members. Anyone who feels Blog Success is not for them or they are not succeeding, your money can be refunded within 30 days – no questions asked.

Aside from the monthly fee which has been seriously considered by building in money making tactics to recoup the fee, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Blog Success to any blogger in need or want of generating income.

. To Learn More About Blog Success Training Or To Sign-Up Click Here

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Monday, December 01, 2008

How Can Yahoo Ecommerce Solutions Benefit Small Business?

Yes, it’s the month of December, 1st day, so yodel loudly...Yahoo ! It’s the time many of us Ecommerce business owners are closing out the fiscal year. The bottom line isn’t so pretty for many small businesses. But my thought is let’s regroup, rev it up, fine tune some solid planning and execute solutions for the upcoming 2009.

Business Year End Reflection:
In spite of dim economic business news, I’m choosing to look at the glass half full rather than half empty. Why?

Because the office doors of CR Group & Associates LLC remain open to date. My business phone and fax lines are operable. The computer’s T-1 internet access gives me the ability to continue to seek and find affordable marketing solutions. Last but not least – I’ve not contacted the attorney yet to start any bankruptcy proceedings...Yahoo!!

There’s no argument brick and mortar small businesses fared far worse this past year than eCommerce, online stores and seasoned internet marketers. Although online businesses reported declines in sales, many eCommerce merchants experienced a profitable year.

Brick and mortar businesses seeking solutions to revenue loss may do very well considering the option of eCommerce to supplement loss of income.

I would just recommend anyone getting started in eCommerce, online merchandising or an online store, seek out the expert consultation from one of the giants in the industry, such as Yahoo Small Business.

Interested in starting an online store? Yahoo! makes it easy - 35% off for a limited time!

It surprises me that millions of people have free Yahoo email accounts, yet a vast are number unaware of eCommerce features – online store opportunities offered by Yahoo Small Business.

Yahoo Small Business News & Resources:

~ Real Entrepreneurs | Real Inspiration: What does it really take to get your business off the ground | Real life business success stories.

~ Top-notch expert business articles

~ Getting Started: 5 Step Introduction, Legal, Business Opportunities, Business Plans, Franchises, Home Business, Finance....

~ Sales & Marketing: Site Design, SEO for Small Businesses, Paid Search, Market Research, Advertising, Lead Generation, Branding....

~ Online Business: Connectivity & Access, Domain & Web Sites, eBay Center, Ecommerce....

~ Yahoo Affiliate Marketing Program: Partner with Yahoo

Find Yahoo Small Business eCommerce Solutions | News | Resources | Products HERE!

So, How Can Yahoo Ecommerce Solutions Benefit Small Business?

If you stuck with me and read up to this point, then you already know my answers....

Leave me a comment and let me know yours!

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Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Benefits of PLR to Your Coaching Clients

How many times have you had a client who is desperate to save money without giving up more of their own time in their business? Whether they are an online business owner or run a brick and mortar shop, saving money on business costs is usually at the top of every business owner's list, followed by having more time to do what they want versus spending it working in order to cut their costs.

How To Save Money On Content Creation:
One way your clients can save money on their content creation is by using private label rights articles in their business. No need to hire a ghostwriter to write everything for them and they can say goodbye to spending countless hours writing their own sales letters, articles, blog posts, newsletters and more.

You probably already understand the benefits of PLR in your own business, but imagine how your clients would feel if they too could experience the freedom PLR can give them. Not to mention the savings.

Check Out This eCourse You Can Use To Show Your Clients How To Use PLR In Their Own Business.

They'll love you for it!

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Sunday, November 23, 2008

How-To Use PLR | Private Label Rights Articles For Quality Content: Guide_ eCourse

Let's face it, with the holiday season quickly coming upon us, we need all the help we can get.

Change, multi-tasking, economic woes and preparation for the holiday season is causing me to experience a brief period of writer's block. I’m struggling to create and present you with some original ideas.

My heart-felt passion is to aid in teaching my readers by providing excellent “how-to” lessons, some practical tips and advice, and to offer some real value and insight.

Yet today, I’m really pressed for time. I have a ton of things on my “to do” list. Thanksgiving is arriving in a few days. Family is coming over for dinner. It’s been four days since I made my last blog post. Where do I turn?

PLR | Private Label Rights To The Rescue

I’ve never published content on the topic of PLR for a couple of reasons.

1. The internet is already flooded with an abundance of articles and reports on this subject. Don’t believe me? Just do a Google search and see what the engine fetches for you.

2. People grow tired of reading old, rehashed information that does not offer anything new, additional or useful.

Yet knowing this, I still decided to delve right in anyway. Why, you may ask?

Because of the situation I found myself in – at a loss for needed, high quality content to place on my blog. If I was in this predicament, possibly others were experiencing the same thing also. Other bloggers might find this information beneficial. Especially beginners starting out in this blogosphere arena.

Also, the tsunami of bad economy news got me to thinking of how to combine PLR products with methods for people to generate additional income. Now I can hear you saying, here we go, just more of the same. Bear with my for a minute – I beg to differ.

As I was researching this subject, I discovered an insurmountable number of articles and reports indicating PLR is still all the rage. PLR continues to be highly popular and has helped thousands of marketers make income and build profitable businesses.

Everyone seems to be pitching the idea of how easy it is to make money using PLR. Now what struck me as odd is....

If Making Money Is So Easy Using PLR Products, Why Isn’t It Being Said More Often ... Only 2% Of People Actually Produce Any Sizable Income With Private Label Products?

What is going on with the other 98%? I’m just going to venture to say, they are most likely not making one thin dime. These are probably people who download or buy products with the good intention of doing something with it later on down the line.

The PLR content then just sits on their computer taking up space because they have no clue how to start and step-by-step instructions are lacking. I know, I’m guilty of this myself.

Honestly, I’m sick and tired of marketers playing with other peoples emotions and desires (sometimes necessity) to make more money without equipping them with the right tools and information to have a decent chance at success.

I’ve gotten so worked up here, I’ve taken it for granted that everyone knows the definition of Private Label Rights (PLR). And some the new folks may not.

What is PLR?

For those unfamiliar with PLR, below is my definition and some examples:

PLR – Private Label Rights are products written or created by someone else which you can buy or download for free , edit the content if you choose and offer it to others, with your name on it, as if you were the author of the product.

Examples Of PLR - articles, ebooks, reports, newsletters, graphics, videos and audio software. (I) Most PLR are text-based because this format offers more options for editing and uses.

Now, think about this .... If the same content is floating around the Web with different authors names on it, how in the world is duplicate content going to drive traffic to your site when the search engines prefer unique content?

This indeed poses a problem for some PLR users because not everyone is capable of revising content to the degree that search engines pick it up as unique material.

Lacking are key elements, skills and tools for PLR users to generate income with these type of products.

One place I
for PLR content which requires no editing of articles is Easy Private Label Rights Articles

Better yet, if you are serious about learning how-to make any sizable income from PLR content, you definitely need a good, expert source. A guide you can trust to follow, written by someone who has been there and done that.

See Your Solution Below.

PLR eCourse

Finally, you can have your OWN automatic profit machines without writing a word -- with PLR ecourses.
Finally, you can have your OWN automatic profit machines without writing a word -- with PLR ecourses.

Announcement | Christine ‘s Amazon Spot- Today’s Recommendation

Christine's Amazon Spot
If you're not absolutely sure what a term exactly means, ask the seller.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

New Look For RangeOnlineWorldwide

Unveiled is the NEW look for RangeOnlineWorldwide. At a glimpse, something new meshed with something old. And No I am not talking about the Obama - Clinton transition appointments.

I realize you may have been expecting further navigation series for Useful Link Spots. Details of these resources are forth coming in a few days. However, I'm taking a brief pause for the cause of a much needed blog makeover.

Blogger vs Wordpress
Several of my of knowledgeable, well-meaning online coaches have advised me to change my blog platform from Blogger to Wordpress. I've been told that Wordpress offers better plugins that are more compatible with Web 2.0 Social Media Marketing.

Following this expert advice is most likely the best way to achieve the results that I want the fastest. But to be just downright honest with you, I hate to just abandon something so near and dear to me. After all, this was my very first blog, my baby...I'm attached, I'm sentimental.

When it comes to search engine ranking, my mentor expressed (not referring to org) blogs get better ranking than blogspot blogs. I'm thinking would Google really allow this to happen?

Anyway, my mentor is really good. He can read minds as well. Before I or any of my mentor's proteges could ask, he said "I know what you're thinking - Matt Cutts uses blogger and he gets great search engine results". His answer to our mental thought, You Are Not Matt Cutts!.

My mentor's bottom line, using blogspot simply does not present a professional image for serious entrepreneurs.

I would love for some of you Blogspot users to give your thoughts on whether using this platform means you don't have a professional site.

Have any of your blogger blogs been listed in top 10 search engines results?

Trackback Feature for Blogger Blogspot:

One of the features I found lacking in blogspot was the limited options for establishing Trackbacks in the comment section of my blog. Being a subscriber to many blogs, I felt at a disadvantage not having this feature.

Well, thanks to Darren Rowse of ProBlogger, I was reading his post Are RSS Suscribers Worthwhile If They Don't Visit Your Blog

Lo and behold, one of the comments provided a solution for placing trackbacks on Blogger.

Haloscan provides the blogger integration placing comment script to accomodate Trackbacks, Polls and Reviews. No programming is required - the process is simple and easy. I ran into a little snag uploading the xml file. The support staff responded in a very timely manner so I could add the feature.

Check it out here. Go on and leave a comment - How do you feel about the new look makeover? The added Trackback link?

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Useful Link Spots: Tutorials, How -To Search Engine | Directory

Some may wonder if I actually provide any original work of my own or do I simply surf the internet to report valuable resources here. The good news - the answer is yes in both instances. I am always searching for fresh content and inspiration. Sometimes it comes from within and sometimes I have reach outside.

Navigation Part II - 100 Plus Best Tutorial Sites
This is a continuation to my last post (Navigation Part I). Part II Navigation series will focus on detailing in alphabetical order, Useful Link Spots on my blog.

Art Web has done a terrific job of compiling a high quality repository of free tutorial and how to sites. I was truly amazed to see so many reference topics specializing in tutorials all in one spot. His site calls it 100 + Best Sites To Find Tutorials.

Ultimate Tutsearch Database - Web Learning | Education
I highly recommend any educational organizations, business groups or online users in need of web technology tutorials or a directory, to look here first. The site is a custom search engine solely for the purpose of finding “How To” web technology help.

Popular Training Choices
A Wide Range Of How To Subjects Listed From A to Z

My 10 Most Popular Tutorials Selections:

> Blog Design & Development
> Flash Games
> Flash Video Tutorials
> Google Tutorial | How to Guide & Advice
> Javascripts
> Logo Design
> Photoshop
> Web Design & Development
> Web 2.0 Development

Tutsearch: An Excellent How-To Resource - Share It With Others

I stopped by Photobucket to pick up a few tips on photo and video sharing. It has some really neat features. You can upload all your photos, videos and images free. You can even make photo slides and share your pictures with family, friends and even the entire world, if you so desire.

I started putting together an album on Photobucket of some of my favorite finds. Here's one I really like....

My Paradise Setting

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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Christine’s Internet Marketing Spot Weblog: Navigation Part I

I should have made a weblog navigation post a long time ago. However, I’ve gained a surge of inspiration and energy by the recent election of President-elect Barack Obama .... So as our nation heads into a full transition mode, I just figured it’s the appropriate time for my blog swing into transition as well.

This is the first of a month long series of posts to help my visitors migrate my site to find needed useful and helpful information that will help them.

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Navigation Overview:
Weblog navigation is such an essential component of a blog, unless you are simply providing content for your eyes only. I would think from an outside user’s point of view, it just makes sense to have an arrangement and placement of content features in a manner that can be easily and instinctively accessed by the user.

This series of posts describes simple, yet flexible navigation that I’ve been toying with over the past couple of years. Here’s where it stands thus far.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Essential Differences Between Reporter vs Expert Bloggers

How To Start making Money From Blogs

Recently, I read a pretty straight forward report about Yaro Starak, a professional blogger, who makes over $5,000 per month from his blog.

The report provides blueprint-like details of actions you can take to start profiting from your very own blog. Actually, it is one of the best reports about making money from blogs that I have read up to this point.

I’ve already started implementing the “Pillars” technique and I’ve noticed a pleasing increase in my blog traffic already. If you would like to learn more about this technique, you can get a copy of his report below:

k here to download the Blog Profits Blueprint Report

Blog Mentoring Program

Also, Yaro Starak just launched a brand new mentoring program for people who want to earn a full time income from blogging part time.

Click here to watch The Conversion Blogging Video

The mentoring program is called Blog Mastermind. With today’s financial crunch I know many people are searching feverishly for some ways to make additional income - me included. I am anticipating there will be a lot of folks interested in the program because so many individuals, including small business owners, already have blogs up and running. Therefore, the idea of making money from blogs seems very interesting to them.

A Change Is Coming
For those of you who may not know...I’ve had my blog, Christine’s Internet Marketing Spot, for about three years now. When I first started out, I did not have a clue about blogs or what I would be writing. If you don’t believe me, just take a peek at my archives.

When I started out, it was not to necessarily make money with my blog, it was essentially to challenge myself that I could maintain a blog and have a place to express my thoughts and opinions. However time, brings about a change. Reassessments and additional knowledge require that I step it up to the next level.

So stay tuned in as I further my business dreams, continue receiving my mentoring from others, and make changes to this blog. I will even be bringing some new blogs on the scene in the near future. I looking forward to your reviews...

Article: Reporter vs Expert - Why Most Bloggers Are Stuck Reporting

Every once in a while, you can come across a piece of hidden “gold nugget” information that seems to appear at precisely the right time to complement your progression, personal and business growth. The article caused me to contemplate various aspects of my small business image as well as my role of blog publisher.

Here’s To Sharing... I hope it sheds some light for you too!.

Yaro Starak's Article Begins Here:

There are basically two types of bloggers in the world - reporters and experts - and some people perform both roles (usually the experts, it’s hard for reporters to become experts, but it’s easy for experts to report).

If you have ever taken an Internet marketing course or attended a seminar specifically for beginners, you have probably heard about the two different methodologies. Whenever the business model is based on content, and if you blog for money then the model is based on content, people are taught to either start as reporters, or if possible step up as experts.

I’ll be frank; you want to be the expert.

Reporters leverage the content of the experts and in most cases people start off as reporters because they haven’t established expertise. Experts enjoy the perks of preeminence, higher conversion rates because of perceived value, it’s easier to get publicity, people are more likely to seek you out rather than you having to seek others out, joint ventures come easier, etc… experts in most cases simply make more money and attract more attention.

Most Bloggers Are Reporters

The thing with expertise is that it requires something - experience. No person becomes an expert without doing things and learning. Bloggers usually start out without expertise and as a result begin their blogging journey by talking about everything going on in their niche (reporting) and by interviewing and talking about other experts (reporting again).

There’s nothing wrong with reporting of course and for many people it’s a necessity at first until you build up some expertise. Unfortunately the ratios are pretty skewed when it comes to reporters and experts - there are a lot more reporters than there are experts, hence reporters tend to struggle to gain attention and when they do, they often just enhance the reputation of the expert they are reporting on.

Don’t Replicate Your Teacher

If you have ever spent some time browsing products in the learn Internet marketing niche you will notice a pattern. Many people first study Internet marketing from a “guru” (for lack of a better term). The guru teaches how he or she is able to make money online, and very often the view that the student gleams is that in order to make money online you have to teach others how to make money online.

The end result of this process is a huge army of amateurs attempting to replicate what their teacher does in the same industry - the Internet marketing industry - not realizing that without expert status based on a proven record and all the perks that come with it, it’s next to impossible to succeed.

Even people, who enjoy marginal success, say for example growing an email list of 1,000 people, then go out and launch a product about how to grow an email list of 1,000 people. Now I have no problems with that, I think it’s fine to teach beginners and leverage whatever achievements you have, the problem is that people gravitate to the same niche - Internet marketing - and rarely have any key points of differentiation.

How many products out there do you know of that all claim to teach the same things - email marketing, SEO, pay per click, affiliate marketing, and all the sub-niches that fall under the category of Internet marketing. It’s a saturated market, yet when you see your teachers and other gurus making money teaching others how to make money (and let’s face it - making money as a subject is one of the most compelling) - your natural inclination is to follow in their footsteps.

If the key is to become an expert and you haven’t spent the last 5-10 years making money online, I suggest you look for another niche to establish expertise in.

Report on Your Process, Not Others

The secret to progress from reporter to expert is not to focus on other experts and instead report on your own journey. When you are learning how to do something and implementing things day by day, or studying other people’s work, you need to take your process and what you do as a result of what you learn, and use it as content for your blog.

It’s okay to talk about experts when you learn something from them, but always relate it to what you are doing. If you learn a technique from an expert it’s fine to state you learned it from them (and affiliate link to their product too!) but you should then take that technique, apply it to what you are doing and then report back YOUR results, not there’s. Frame things using your opinion - your stories - and don’t regurgitate what the expert said. The key is differentiation and personality, not replication.

Expertise comes from doing things most people don’t do and then talking about it. If you do this often enough you wake up one day as an expert, possibly without even realizing how it happened, simply because you were so good at reporting what you did.

You Are Already An Expert

Most people fail to become experts (or perceived as experts) because they don’t leverage what they already know. Every person who lives a life learns things as they go, takes action every day and knows something about something. The reason why they never become an expert is because they choose not to (which is fine for some, not everyone wants to be an expert), but if your goal is to blog your way to expertise and leave the world of reporting behind you have to start teaching and doing so by leveraging real experience.

Experience can come from what you do today and what you have done previously; you just need to take enough steps to demonstrate what you already know and what you are presently learning along your journey. I know so many people in my life, who are experts simply by virtue of the life they have lived, yet they are so insecure about what they know, they never commit their knowledge to words for fear of…well fear.

Blogs and the Web in general, are amazing resources when you leverage them as a communication tool to spread your expertise because of the sheer scope of people they can reach. If all you ever do is talk to people in person and share your experience using limited communication mediums, you haven’t much hope of becoming an expert. Take what you know and show other people through blogging, and you might be surprised how people change their perception of you in time.

Reporting Is A Stepping Stone

If your previous experience and expertise is from an area you want to leave behind or you are starting from “scratch”, then reporting is the path you must walk, at least for the short term.

Reporting is a lot of fun. Interviewing experts, talking about what other people are doing and just being part of a community is not a bad way to blog. In many cases people make a career of reporting (journalism is about just that), but if you truly want success and exponential results, at some point you will have to stand up and proclaim yourself as someone unusually good at something and then proceed to demonstrate it over and over again.

Have patience and focus on what you do to learn and then translate that experience into lessons for others, and remember, it’s okay to be a big fish in a small pond, that’s all most experts really are.

This article was by Yaro Starak, a professional blogger and my blog mentor. He is the leader of the Blog Mastermind mentoring program designed to teach bloggers how to earn a full time income blogging part time.

To get more information about Blog Mastermind click this link:

Closing Note:
Leave Me A Comment - Let Me Know Your Thoughts On Blogging For Money Report And Today's Article Shared.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Business Funding Sources During Tough Times?

Today’s Blogspot Feature: Funding Universe
If you are one of the many entrepreneurs who is listening intensely to the most disheartening financial news reports floating around for small definitely want to stay tuned for a different point of view.

As bleak as the economy may seem currently, still in existence is a business community of investors that recognize the strength and stabilizing force that small business ownership has on our country’s financial welfare and prosperity.

For those business people who have their business ideas, plans and products on hold, waiting for the right economic turnaround strategy from the government and experts, you may as well put your waiting time to some good and productive use.

Who Is Funding Universe – How Did It Evolve?
In the latter months of 2004, an entrepreneur by the name of Paul Allen and an attorney named David Bradford became plagued by the problem that an easy course did not exist for entrepreneurs to connect with angel investors.

Determined to find a solution, they asked current Funding Universe CTO Trent Miskin to create a web-based solution. Mr. Miskin tackled the problem and his efforts lead to the first version of Funding Universe.

Funding Universe Gets A Face Lift
In September 2005, Brock Blake joined the FundingUniverse team and assumed the role of CEO, leading the company to its current status as the nation's leading connector of entrepreneurs and investors.

Mr. Blake leads the strategy and execution of the FundingUniverse team. His number one goal is to make the angel investing industry more efficient by increasing the amount of deals done across the nation. He has a passion for entrepreneurship and angel investing.

Just The Facts Please....
According to Center for Venture research, 98% of entrepreneurs fail to find funding.

Angel Investors only fund 14% of the businesses they investigate.

With these facts in mind, Funding Universe was designed to help entrepreneurs increase their chances of obtaining angel investor funding and tap into other lending sources.

How To Increase Your Business Funding Needs
Use Funding Universe’s Professional Analysts to review your business and provide valuable feedback before submitting to their investor network. They will only connect qualified entrepreneurs with active VC's, angel investors and lending sources.

Funding Universe provides services to help entrepreneurs prepare for investment, such as helping them create compelling business plans and video pitches, advising them on strategic business direction, and preparing them for investor scrutiny.

3 Essential Steps To Receive Investor Funding

Step1. Prepare For Funding
- Professional Analyst Review
- Funding Bootcamp
- Business Plan Templates
- Financial Template
- Sample Business Plan

Step2. Post Your Plan
- Post Business Plan to over 700 accredited, active investors
- Post Video Pitch With Confidence
- Receive Investor Interest

Step3. Contact Investors
Directly access up to 10 investors per month who have an interest in your business. Investors have specified regions, industries, funding and stage of development they will fund.

Funding Universe Angel Investor Click Here NOW!

This Is The Real Deal – Funding Universe has been featured in Wall Street Journal, StandUp Journal, The Motley Fool and MSNBC.

Be sure to share this with every entrepreneur you know.

All the best to your business ventures!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

How To Get PPC Ads For Free

Most recently, I came across a site that was offering to show internet marketers how to show their PPC ads to 1,398,100 prospects for free.

I’m always somewhat reluctant to pass on this type of information on my blog. I find such strong claims and potential results with these extremely high numbers just a bit unsettling.

My first reaction when I went to the website was... Here We Go... this is just another over-exaggerated proposition to get more visitors and signups. However, after spending considerable time on the site and understanding how the system works, it does makes sense to me. Once explained, the potential does exist to reach a high number of prospectz.

Today, I want to share with you an overview of this free traffic generation system called

LeadsLeap is an ingenious system that combines the power of contextual advertising and network lead generation. For those of you who are not familiar with the term contextual ads, they are simply advertisements formatted similar to Google Adsense or Google Adword ads displayed on various websites.

In this system, you are allowed to post PPC ads to 10 levels of a network you have built.

Unlike traditional network lead generation methods, LeadsLeap only allows members to post their ads in the form of contextual ads.

This means your leads do not receive obtrusive ads from members in your upline. Personally, I found this one attractive aspect of the system. I do not particularly like to receive a bunch of junk ads that I am not interested in reading or could care less about the information being sent.

However, LeadsLeap provides the option to their members of receiving very informative and useful newsletters. I've saved some of the newsletters for future reference. If you are an internet marketer or small business owner that advertises your products or services online, you may find yo may well benefit from this newsletter also.

If you have not heard about this service you can Register For Your Free Account Here!

Give Your Feedback
I'd very interested in getting your feedback after you check the site out. Leave a comment - Is this over-exaggeration or useful lead generation information?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Free Listbuilding Software | Product Evaluation Announcement

When I first started marketing online, one of the most difficult challenges for me was building a subscriber list. There were many claims being made that marketers were getting hundreds, even thousands of subscribers daily...but it wasn't happening like that for me!

One of the reasons may have been, I was operating on a shoestring budget. I was looking for as much free as I could find. Before parting with my dollars, I wanted to know there was a strong potential that I was definitely going to benefit from it. So maybe those marketers who were getting thousands of subscribers daily were shelling out a whole lot more money than I had or was willing to pay.

Anyway, my yesterday seems more like today for many entrepreneurs trying to get started with their own online business. Also more and more offline business owners are opting to promote their products and services online. From all that I can pick up from online marketers, building a highly responsive subscriber list continues to be one of their biggest ongoing challenges.

Of course, an alternative is PPC advertising. However, PPC costs can mount up quickly without you realizing any real profits. True, we are in the age of Web 2.0 social media, but this method takes time to build communities.

According to some forecasting reports, online businesses are expected to be increase dramatically as more job losses occur and folks search ways to supplement and/or replace their income. One thing is sure, they will want the cheapest method to get subscribers and buyers for their products and services.

So, for the next week or so, I will devoting some time and space evaluating cost-effective and fast list building methods through various channels.

Below, ListHero makes some claims of how effective their listbuilding system and software are ... stay tuned and be sure to get your FREE Listbuilding Software below.

Current Listbuilding Evaluation:

I'm evaluating a
viral listbuilding
tool from the folks at It's
the fastest, simplest and easiest way to build your list that I've seen
in a long while.

Here's all you

  • Create a short ad that promotes
    your newsletter or ezine
  • Add some
    code to the pages of your website

  • ... sit back and watch your list

ListHero helps you generate 1,000's of highly targeted
subscribers for free and pays you generous affiliate commissions as
your list grows.

I'll let you know what I think of it once I've had a
chance to check it out. Meanwhile go grab access to this free
viral listbuilding software
while it's still free.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

BizDoc | Small Business Compliance Help

I'm taking a slight detour today from marketing to discuss some business housekeeping matters. Before I get started, some valuable bonuses are waiting for you. A Total Value of $383 in Products & Services at the end of this post - All Free. Don’t leave them behind...

Today’s business owners are faced with the many challenges of keeping their companies flourishing. Not to mention the time and effort required “trying” to stay on top of all the rapid growing technology in every aspect our lives. It’s simply mind boggling at times, I must admit.

With an already fully loaded day, it’s no wonder that the vast majority of business owners fail to retain proper documentation of their corporate activities. What this means is the asset protection you feel you are getting from your entity – just may not be the case. . So, as consuming as your day may be, this is definitely a topic that deserves a little spotlight.

Did you know that by NOT maintaining corporate records accurately such as corporate resolutions, meeting minutes, stock certificates, and stock ledger regularly, you can put your corporation at risk?

It’s the Law in almost ALL states that maintaining corporate records is required.

Like most serious business owners, I’m quite sure you want to adhere to all these compliance matters – but isn’t there just a way to get it over with as simply and quickly as possible? The answer is, YES!

BizDoc Software provides a solution for corporation and LLC structured businesses to stay in compliance with a software application that simplifies and automates the entire process.

Database Component
BizDoc has Corporate Manager database software that is easily accessible using only one navigation toolbar. Context help is provided for every data entry field . Access to the tutorial and user guide is easily accessible each step of the way.

I initially expected the software to be a set of templates because of its easy use. What I found out is that it is an extensive database that can store information for multiple corporations. Data is automatically inserted into documents and all your company information can be modified and saved while documents are being produced.

Privacy & Security
Corporation documents are not stored on the Internet or beyond your immediate access. data files are separate from program files, so the data folder can be backed up and stored in a secure location as you so choose.

The current economic climate has many business owners looking for ways to reduce costs. A lawyer can and will most likely charge more than the cost of BizDoc Software to draft only one resolution. When using BizDoc you have access to hundreds of ready drafted resolutions and other vital corporate documents such as meeting minutes, announcements, waivers, proxies and more.

On a final note, your "business of being in compliance" is not a subject to take lightly. While realizing reducing expenses is in the forefront of most business owners, if not all.

I strongly recommend you download a free version of the software to determine whether it meets your needs. There is no pressure to buy. So take full advantage during the trial period to examine BizDoc Software thoroughly.

After downloading product, be sure to contact their customer service and technical support staff to get any questions answered you may have. I am not aware of any negative comments whatsoever. But You Be The Judge For Yourself!

Click Here To Access BizDoc

FREE Business Bonus E-Book + Other Valuable Resources $383 In Free Products & Services. Get Your Bonus Here!!

Saturday, October 04, 2008

iPhone Unlimited Downloads | Introduction To iPhoneGeek Features

iPhoneGeek Unlimited Instant Access Downloads

iPhoneGeek offers one of the fastest and easiest way to download movies, TV shows, music, games, and more for your iPhone and iPod Touch. Some of the features include, unlimited access and download management software. Video conversion software with over 10 Million Gigabytes of music, movies, software, pictures & wallpapers, games and more are accessible to you whenever you want and has no per download fees.

Here Are 14 GREAT Reasons To Review iPhonegeek Downloads
1 300X Faster Than Other Download Sites
2 Unlock and Jailbreak your iPhone and iPod
3 Unlimited Free Downloads, no restrictions
4 Largest Music and Movie Selection
5 Find any Song or Movie Fast
6 Free 24 hour Technical Support
7 No monthly or "Pay Per Download" fees
8 Easy Software to install & use
9 Free DVD to iPhone Software
10 Free Video Tutorials
11 Highest Quality MP3 Format
12 Highest Quality Video Format
13 Thousands of iPhone Ringtones
14 No Spyware or Adware!

To Review iPhoneGeek Features Click Here!

How To Know All You Need To Know About Social Marketing

RECOMMENDATION | Social Marketing Tip Of The Day
If you have not heard about or signed up for Social Marketing Central Network Community, you are missing out on some brilliant discussion and sharing with other marketing platforms. A Free Community With A Ton Of Perks.

5 Reasons To Get Involved With Social Marketing Central Community

1. If you have a blog or website - you need to be here.

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3. If you know nothing about or you are new to Social Marketing - Learn It All Here.

4. If you are not getting any sales - Learn how to increase your sales right here

5. If you are not "getting in the search engines" - Learn how to social linking can help you here.

Social Marketing Central Video Series:

Using Social Marketing Central Part 1

Find more videos like this on Social Marketing Central

Using Social Marketing Central Part 2

Find more videos like this on Social Marketing Central

Using Social Marketing Central Part 3

Find more videos like this on Social Marketing Central

Using Social Marketing Central Part 4

Find more videos like this on Social Marketing Central

Todays Free Bonus
Adsense Tutorial Free Minicourse Video

Monday, September 29, 2008

Are Your RSS Feeds Mobile Yet?

Stay Current And Informed While On The Move

Here’s your quick tip for today. I know how important it is for you to stay tuned in with the latest and greatest information. For those of you who may be unaware, Feedm8 (feed-mate) offers an entirely unique way to get your favorite blogs or feed-embedded websites on your mobile phone.

Get RSS Feeds Anytime – Anywhere

As long as you are in the United States or Canada, you can stay up-to date with your social networks, breaking news, sports and weather.
The content is optimized, fast and uses a very small amount of data on your mobile phone.

Feedm8 Is Free, Monetized and Increases RSS Subscribers

If you already have a blog or feed enabled website, sign up takes only a few minutes. Plus, when you join their Publisher Network you start making money with it! Now How Good Is That?

Just Click Below to Get Started!

Take Your Blog Mobile and Earn More Here

Monday, September 22, 2008

Voxant Newsroom High Quality Content For Web Publishers: Q & A - Tutorial

At the request of one of my community forum members, I am providing more in depth information about how Voxant News Room can provide high quality content for website publishers.

As you can see from my previous post, I included content from Voxant Newsroom Media without explaining how it works. I had full intention of doing this earlier, however, Columbus Ohio was swept by a strong wind storm and we were without electrical power 4 to 5 days. The storm was so severe, a State of Emergency was declared. For the most part all power has been restored. Now, let’s get back to the subject at hand.

Voxant Newsroom Questions & Answers

What is Voxant Newsroom?
A resource for website publishers who want to embed quality, licensed news content on a wide variety of topics.

How Does It Work?
- Find the News at their website, of course): search by categories from top sources.

- Embed It:embed the news onto you website or blog.

- Build Community: attract more visitors to your site and help keep visitors there AND get paid too from advertisements ran on content.

Picture this: As the publisher of a site focused on politics, you find a news clip in the Voxant Newsroom on an issue that your viewers are passionate about. You simply embed the clip on your website - it takes less than a minute - and your viewers have live access to the story on your site. There is no linking to external sites to view the content, so your users stay right on your page. When they view the clip on your site, a brief advertisement plays and you share in the advertising revenue.

Video Version and Tutorial:

How to embed content from The News Room to Microsoft Office Live, Small Business

Text Version:

Final Note:
Embedding news content from Voxant is an excellent way to help you build credibility, audience, and engagement at your websites.

You don't have to wait to add premium content to your site, increasing your brand value, audience and revenue. Get started today!

Share your thoughts by leaving me your comments!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Today's Economy News

Economy Questions and Answers - Will the Bail Out Save the Economy?

Bad Debt Latest News

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Social Networking Article for Internet Marketers

I came across a very useful site belonging to Elizabeth MeGee who offers a boatload of free resources for Building A Home Business. Elizabeth's site has some very informative and useful guides for online marketeers. I have included one of her articles below:

Social Networking & the Internet Marketer

Social networking sites like Facebook, Myspace and
Sumpleupon, just to name a few, aren't just for the internet
socialite any more.  They've captured the interest of many
an internet marketer as well, and why not?  It's the
perfect way to network, meet colleagues and form valuable joint

In a nutshell, these social watering holes can help get the
word out about you and your business at nearly warp speed
because of the huge volume of visitors they receive.

But how can these sites actually benefit the online
marketer?  Well, for starters they allow you to create
your own dedicated personal pages where you can add things like
product or service reviews, articles, ratings, comments and
encourage feedback from other readers. 

Furthermore, sites like and Digg take it a step
further by allowing you to save your favorite links to your own
website or blog pages so it can be readily shared with anyone
visiting your site.  This not only gets the word out about
you and your business, it goes a long way in helping establish
relationships, credibility and trust.

But what's really behind all the social networking
popularity?  It's the search engines, of course.  All
the biggest and best search engines love these socialite sites
because they contain relevant and fresh content.  If we
take a look at the Alexa rankings for a few of the more popular
social sites we can see how impressive their ratings are:

  • MySpace - ranking below 10

  • Facebook - ranking below 10

  • - ranking below 520

  • StumbleUpon - ranking below 350 

  • Digg - ranking below 180

Having your web site's link on any one of these popular
social sites has the potential for increasing your site's worth
and popularity on the internet.  But let's take a closer
look at some of the benefits: 

- Viral Marketing
Use the 'tell a
friend' link found on the social networking sites.  These
links have the potential of weaving your message throughout the
net.  If you've written an article, made an interesting
comment or perhaps announced some news, this is how you can
virally spread that content across the web. 

- Back Link Generation

Because the search engines have found favor with social
networking, you can improve your search engine positioning and
ranking simply by becoming a member of any of the social
networking sites.  Begin by creating a comprehensive
profile that contains your website's URL and RSS feed.  If
you can keep your website's content fresh and interesting you
will continue to enjoy a steady stream of back links.

- Joint Venturing

This social environment is perfect for helping you extend your
marketing reach to thousands of other online business
owners.   You will have more than ample opportunity
to not only gain exposure quickly but also find businesses or
services that could easily compliment your business. 
Consequently, creating joint venture relationships becomes a
lot easier because you now have access to important information
on how to reach relevant marketers.  This makes it perfect
for assisting you in sharing advice, leads, content and

Now that you can see the marketing potential of social
networking, how can you as an internet marketer actually use
these sites to your advantage? 

- Market Yourself, Not Your

Your main objective should be to attract like-minded
individuals with similar interests, goals and concerns. 
Do this by creating an effective personal profile and lead in
with your personal story or information about YOU, not your
business opportunity. Write in a way that helps your reader
become familiar with who you are and what your goals are. 
Blatantly promoting your products and/or interests is a sure
way to turn off readers.

- Contribute Your Ideas and Comments

Continue to look for ways to help your readers achieve their
goals or resolve their problems. This is best done by
contributing useful ideas and information. Sites like YouTube,
Photobucket and Flickr allow members to post videos and
pictures, which are seen by millions of users daily. Got a
training video?  Perfect.  People love the ease of
watching a good training or even amusement video. Get it on
YouTube and you have the potential to attract

- Incorporate the Social Plug-ins

If you use Wordpress as a content management system,
incorporate plug-ins like 'Add This' or 'Share This'. These
plug-ins enable your site's visitors to bookmark your website
with just one click. Getting bookmarked by as many users as
possible will improve your search engine rankings. 

- Use Your Time Wisely

Beware; social networking can be addicting, not to mention time
consuming.   Not everyone with an internet business
has all day to while away the hours peeking at new friends,
adding comments and making small talk.  For this reasons
time management is critical.  Start by selecting only a
few social networking sites, and allot only so many hours a
week to connect with friends and participate in
groups.   Develop an objective for using these sites
and stick to your objective.

A Final Word

No business can stand alone on the internet.  Your
business and marketing success depends on the connections and
networks you create.  Using social networking is designed
for making such connections, so use them wisely. 

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