Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Ad Tracking: Essential Marketing Tool & NEW Breakthrough Service

  • Hello World,

    Here it is mid January 2006 and I am still in the midst of putting my online business resolutions into action. As I looked at 2005, one of the things I knew I needed to improvem is link tracking. I was taught early on by the network marketing experts the importance of tracking ad promotions. In spite of having this knowledge, in 2005 I did not do as well as I would have liked.

    So a couple of weeks ago, I went on the mission of locating a link tracking system that was easy to set up and use each and every day. I remembered reading an email from Craig Haywood, “ Discover What Works With TrackThatAd.com”. Craig and I had been online acquaintances through some common network marketing programs we shared.

    Well, I came to a site where Craig Haywood was announcing the "biggest breakthrough" in link tracking the world has ever seen. Craig noted one of the biggest mistakes 90% of all online marketers make is not measuring their promotional response rate.

    With Craig’s New TrackThatAd link System, you will know:
  • How many people clicked on your banner
  • How many people clicked on your signature tag
  • How many people read your email or newsletter
  • Of any fraudulent clicks in your PPC ads
  • How successful your online and offline campaigns are
  • The best places to advertise
  • If piracy is being committed on your website
  • The results of an autoresponder campaign
  • Which campaigns deliver the best results
  • The time, date, IP Address Operation System and user agent of person who clicked on your link.

    I checked into TrackThatAd.com a little closer, by visiting the site at:

    This IS What Mike Filsaime says: “It’s a no-brainer”

    “Hi Craig,

    I just wanted to tell you that I love TrackThatAd.com. The importance of testing and tracking is the unsung hero in internet marketing. But those that are successful online, it has been the secret golden key to our success.

    You get to find out what works and what doesn’t. Then you just keep trying to beat the control, or winning campaign.

    What I liked most about TrackThatAd.com is that you also made it viral and to allow income potential and building an opt-in list at the same time.

    You have the premiere tracking service on the internet and I will be telling all my members about it. Anyone would be crazy not to join your service. And the fact that it is free just makes it a no brainier. Great job!


    Mike Filsaime

    Craig Haywood says even if you are one of the worst-case scenarios to ever hit the web with Internet Marketing, you are going to love this. He went through great lengths when developing TrackThatAd.com to create an auto-promotion feature that will take all of the work from you.

    Whether you join as a free or a pro member you have the option of making use of the auto-promotion feature.

    Having joined TrackThatAd.com and the ease of using the link tracking service, I know this is one online resolution I will definitely keep for a long time. Oh, I almost forgot to mention you can get free leads and you can make passive income also.

    You will find more information about Craig Haywood’s TrackThatAd.com system at:


    Happy Ad Tracking!

    Christine Range