Monday, May 01, 2006

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'The Lazy Man's Guide To Online Business'

This ebook teaches the mindset of Super "Lazy Achievers" How to Work Less, get Paid More... and have tons more Fun!

Target Audience:The audience is basically anybody who wants to do business faster, better, easier and cheaper online (who doesn't)!
* information marketers
* online store owners
* ezine editors

Basically anybody who is really *busy* needs this ebook!

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After reading the 'Lazy Mans Guide', I applied two things and I immediately made three sales and freed up two hours a day from e-mails! Just by applying the simple system in your book, I found three leads, which ended up turning into three closed sales netting me $1200. I certainly would have lost these sales had I not bothered to take action and apply what your book recommended."
- Gene Ramos, Digital 360 Communications

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