Saturday, November 08, 2008

Christine’s Internet Marketing Spot Weblog: Navigation Part I

I should have made a weblog navigation post a long time ago. However, I’ve gained a surge of inspiration and energy by the recent election of President-elect Barack Obama .... So as our nation heads into a full transition mode, I just figured it’s the appropriate time for my blog swing into transition as well.

This is the first of a month long series of posts to help my visitors migrate my site to find needed useful and helpful information that will help them.

Site Goals and Tasks:
CR Group & Associates LLC and Christine’s Internet Marketing Spot, strives to locate, share and provide access to online premium business products and services that spur growth to the entrepreneur marketplace.

Site provides small business owners a network of useful information comprised of expert advice sources to grow their revenue through funding resources, office productivity tools and software, computer safety and protection utility programs, internet marketing techniques and latest news features around the Web.

Navigation Overview:
Weblog navigation is such an essential component of a blog, unless you are simply providing content for your eyes only. I would think from an outside user’s point of view, it just makes sense to have an arrangement and placement of content features in a manner that can be easily and instinctively accessed by the user.

This series of posts describes simple, yet flexible navigation that I’ve been toying with over the past couple of years. Here’s where it stands thus far.

Weblog Quick Tour:

Main Section: Content body for weblog posts includes all of the following:
- Articles and Article Sharing
- Related Business Product and Service Reviews
- Commentaries and Opinions
- Video Tutorials
- Tips and Online Business Tools
- Recommended Techniques and Sources to Solve Business Growth Problems

~ Posts - Current and latest published.
~ Comments – Visitor comments to published post.
~ Links To Posts – Other external sites linked to post.
~ Envelope Icon – Email posts to friends and social network
~ Labels – Category of posted content.
~ Subscribe To – Atom Readers subscribe here or at the top part of blog.
~ Older Posts – View archive of previous posts made on weblog.

Footer: Bonus, giveaways and special offers featured.

Left Side Navigation:
~ Subscribe To: RSS and Atom Feed Users to subscribe to blog post and/or comments. Click Down Arrow to Choose Feed Reader. Each new post or comment will be sent to you.

~ Subscribe Via Email: Non–RSS Subscribers or those who prefer to subscribe by email. Enter your email address and Click Subscribe to receive new posts by email.

~ About Me: My Photo and Profile

~ My Blog List: Careful selection of weblogs that provide consistent useful information for bloggers and internet marketers. (Feel Free To Recommend Some Of Your Gold Nuggets – Just Leave Me A Comment).

~ Useful Link Spots: Web sites network for small business owners and entrepreneurs to access online business building, lending, growth tips, tools and productivity resources. Expert, professional advice and consultation sources are available. Links to related resources are filled with premium low- cost and affordable products and services accompanied by many that are no-cost, yet very helpful.

* CR Group & Associates LLC product and services government vendor items for City, State, County and Federal Purchasing Agencies, along with Universities, and School Districts.

* Products and services for general public and subscribers.

My first thought was to categorize or classify this area by subject content. However, having many resources in widely differing content, I have opted for Alphabetical Listing of Products and Services with brief descriptions.

Later series of posts will feature products and services so users can access them by their individual website pages or by conducting relevant keyword searches.

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There you have it for Part 1 Navigation Tour for my weblog!

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