Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Free Cash Machine | $60 A Day Miracle Maker Or Not?

There's quite a bit of buzz humming throughout the internet marketing sphere about a NEW $60 A Day Miracle Maker.

The premise behind My Free Cash Machine in the nutshell is - the company can show anyone, even those not experienced, how to duplicate their easy steps which results in earning unlimited $60 payments...within 24-48 hours with ZERO OUT OF POCKET COSTS.

There is an upfront qualifying process that has to be completed prior to receiving the $60 payments. Once the sign-up qualification requirements are met, the person receives $15 instantly in addition $60. Payments are made directly to your Paypal account with no waiting period nor minimum amount required to receive them.

Because...there are A LOT of people out there who are struggling financially, who are desperately trying to find a way to bring in more money for their families, but they have NO money to spend, I decided to give My Free Cash Machine a test drive personally.

Being the skeptic that I am and my previous experience with poor performing (even non performing)internet marketing systems,I wasn't banking on this money to pay an immediate bill.

Since there was no monetary risk on my part, just my time to check it out -- I viewed the short videos and followed the step-by-step instructions to meet the qualifying requirements.

This process took me about two and a half hours. The site says it should take a little over an hour. It probably can be done in that time frame, but I was reading terms of service and other pertinent information in-depth along the way.

So what was the outcome?

After being approved and meeting qualifications, I did indeed receive the $15 in addition to the $60 payment within 48 hours. A photo ID must be furnished prior to receiving the first payment from the company -- this resulted in the extra 24 hour period. The likelihood of future payments being received within 24 hours is good.

All in all -- $75 is not bad for two and half hours of work ... $30 per hour AND Zero Out Of Pocket Cost ... I did not pay a dime, zip-nada to make this money.

Yes, I was pleasantly pleased with the results. I also liked the fact there is another component to the system to increase income potential long-term.

Is My Free Cash Machine A $60 A Day Miracle Maker?

In this day and age, where far too many online marketing programs and systems are full of BS, it is truly refreshing to see a system accurately described that delivers as stated.

With that being said -- even though the system includes the capability for you to receive multiple, endless payments over and over again, these payments do not just drop down from the sky to you.

Ultimately, this is not just about receiving endless easy $60 payments -- rather, it's intended to build you a profitable business whereby you can replace or supplement your income long-term. Now that's a terrific feature. But with that feature comes a word that many do NOT want to hear W-O-R-K!

If you are willing to put in time and effort to promote the business, then you have an honest opportunity before you to make a very decent income.

Check out the video and see if it's for you ==> My Free Cash Machine | Zero Out Of Pocket Opportunity