Friday, December 26, 2008

Are your fingers tired from typing?

Unrivaled Supplier of Speech Recognition Software:

Nuance Communication, the leading supplier of speech recognition has a solution resource for those tired of typing or those who are simply "typing challenged". It's called Dragon Naturally Speaking 10. Just imagine being able to focus solely on your content and not your typing!

Basically what this desktop software does is convert your spoken words instantly and quickly into text for documents, email, instant messaging and more at a much greater speed than typing it yourself.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Standard by Nuance

Most people speak about 120 words per minute, yet they type about 40 words per minute. Using Dragon Naturally Speaking, you can turn your voice into text 3x's faster with up to 99% accuracy.

Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 Reviewed on CNBC:

David Pogue, New York Times tech columnist and CNBC contributor reviewed the newly released version 10 software and liked it very much. When you get to the site, be sure to check out the video of his review (it's under resources).

For those of you who are familiar with Dragon Natural Speaking, version 10 offers more speed, more accuracy and more features than previous versions.

What's New In Dragon Naturally Speaking 10:
  • Delivers up to 20% more accurate results than Version 9

  • Transcribed words now appear on the screen in half the time it took in the past

  • New Dragon Voice shortcuts allow you to search and surf the web for information, products, news and more with a single voice command

  • Updated graphic icons for DragonBar are intuitive and easy to see

  • New Voice Formatting makes it easier to format, delete and copy words and passages with a single command

  • Faster than previous versions - significant improvement's of response time, more than 50% reduction in the time it takes words to appear

  • Improved Help System and Tutorials provide enhanced sample commands and interactive HTML Tutorials

Product Types:

Dragon Naturally Speaking has 3 Product Types to fit the needs of anyone looking for a way to create documents without typing them.

  1. Standard ~ ideal for individual consumers, freelance writers

  2. Preferred ~ for solopreneurs, entrepreneurs and individuals

  3. Professional ~ business users, enterprises, organizations, legal and medical professions

I was totally amazed when I learned about all the different types of people and professions who are using this software to increase productivity, i.e. police divisions, legal offices, medical industry, non-profit organizations; just to name a few.

Media Buzz:

Dragon Natural Speaking has been featured in the news creating quite a media buzz.

  • September 3, 2008 - Dragon Natural Speaking from Nuance Wins Prestigious PC Magazine Editors Choice Award

  • August 7, 2008 - Nuance Communication introduces Dragon Natural Speaking 10, Breakthrough New Release of World's Leading Speech Recognition Software

For anyone who wants to focus more on content and not on typing, this is a must have productivity tool!

Language Versions Available:
* American English * Australian English * Southern Asian English * Indian English * UK English * Teen English * Dutch * French * German * Italian * Spanish

A Continued Happy and Safe Holiday to ALL!!

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