Thursday, February 16, 2006

Imitation of Life!

Occasionally you will find I take a pause for a cause from discussing direct internet marketing topics to discuss a topic that appears to be totally unrelated. However, if you stick with me to the end, it usually is something "us" Internet Marketers can relate to.

Just last week, I was thinking of this classic movie from 1959, I used to watch in my younger years, (I’m giving my age away now) called “Imitation of Life". Every year I looked forward to seeing this movie. It was A REAL Tear Jerker!

The plot revolves around actress, Lora Meredith (Lana Turner) and her young daughter, Susie (Sandra Dee) who meet a black family Annie Johnson (Juanita Moore) and her daughter Sarah Lee (Susan Kohner). The movie has many twists and turns throughout their years together. One of the main points I remember is Annie’s daughter, tries to pass as white. One of her famous quotes in the movie is “I’m white...white...WHITE!” She goes through quite an ordeal trying to be someone she really wasn’t. If you are into classic movies, I’m sure you know about this one...

I just did a Google search for the Imitation of Life and found it at This is a must have for my video library.

As Internet Marketers, we can sometimes lose sight of who we really are and what we are trying to accomplish. And many times not purposely, but you can get caught up in following the crowd and all the information you receive on a daily basis and the next thing you know, you are doing something totally different than what you set out to do. Changing courses is not always bad, but it can be if you are changing “unknowingly”.

This brings me to an article I want to share with you from – Today’s Action Principal and eSupport Networking. The title is called “Real”.

When it comes to your life, don't settle for an inferior imitation. Go with the real thing. Don't spend your time just staying busy when you can instead be actually accomplishing something. Don't settle for overindulgence when you can have real nourishment.

Rather than wasting your time trying to take from others, put your efforts into creating real value. Instead of merely keeping up appearances and pretending to be someone you're not, find ways to express the genuine, unique person you really are.
Why put your effort into cutting corners when that same effort can be invested in doing it right? Why settle for a cheap imitation of life when you can have the real thing?

Don't be content to envy others for what they've achieved when that same energy can be used to achieve for yourself. You deserve the best, and you have what it takes to make that happen.

Life is best when it is authentic. Insist on the real thing.


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Today’s Quote:
A person shows what he is by what he does with what he has. – Unknown Author

Until Next Time,

Christine Range