Monday, February 13, 2006

5 Day Course:Power List-Building - Conclusion

Today's the last day of this 5-day email course. You'll hear from me again only via my ezine, or when I have exciting news for you that I'll email to you separately.

Right now, I'm going to share 2 currently under-tapped free resources you can use to boost the downloads of almost any valuable free product you're promoting.

The last tool is a PC-based software that lets you use the search tool without leaving your desktop. Enjoy!

1. ZDNET's upload a file tool..

It's free to submit your valuable freeware, shareware and other commercial or non-commercial material for possible inclusion on one of the most popular download sites on the Internet.

You can upload useful files like ebooks, software and other useful material to their web site and possibly get hundreds of people quickly downloadingm your products and using them.

Depending on your goals, many of these people could very well become your subscribers and even customers. I've seen many people successfully use this method to get quality free visitors to their lists without using any crazy or unethical traffic generation methods and ideas that don't even last. This one however does last and could get you experiencing 100, 1,000 to as much as 1,000,000 downloads of whatever useful, valuable material you're able to submit.
And it's free to do so. Get details at:

2. Tucows Software Library...

Tucows works for you just like ZDNet. The only difference here is you can get listed in Tucows much quicker than in ZDNet--unless you pay ZDNet around $199 for a quick submission, your software will be uploaded anytime within 6-8 weeks after you submit. Tucows on the other hand will accept your free submissions easily and quickly review you and upload your software within 5-7 business days.

HOT TIP: Get Listed At The TOP at!

There's even a little ethical technique you can use to get to the top of Tucows listings. Just make sure the title of your product starts with a number like (7 Power Steps Ebook) or a letter close to the top like (Autoresponder Gold Ebook)
or (Creative Writing For Success Ebook) etc.,

The reason for this is it appears Tucows lists their submissions in ALPHABETICAL order... that's a plus for almost every submitter who knows about it (now you do:o) You can register with them free and submit your software here:

3. Keyword Miner (Like having on your desktop!)

Another good way to quickly discover what the public is searching for and what you can hone in on and offer to them is to have this useful tool working for you. It's a free Windows software tool for finding the perfect set of keywords that prospects will search for to FIND you and thus bring you quality traffic.

You've probably heard it time and time again.. is a great place to get traffic to your new web site for under $50. Well, in the past you had to travel all the way to to check out which keywords were hot and what theme you should base your next product or service on ( has a useful search tool on their site that you can use to find out the most searched for keywords and variations of them for the past month).

Keyword Miner's creators make it possible for you to search for these keywords at *without* ever leaving your desktop. You just download their 100% free tool. Enter what words you feel people would use to search for your new niche product, and Keyword Miner will connect you to (and several other top search engines), so you can find out how many people were interested in that product in the past month.

This tool is 100% free - There's No Advertsing - No Nag Screens - No 'Spyware' - No Hassle and they even thrown in free support - The latter is actually something new to me - I mean getting 'free' support with 'free software';-) Anyway, get full details here:

I hope you find these tools helpful.

That's the end of our email coaching time together. If you have specific questions related to any of the topics we've treated so far, just visit my blog and leave a comment at:

Your friend in Success,

Christine Range

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Here's a recap of what we've treated in these short 5 days:

Day One: The one way YOU like the experts can be making the dollars faster to improve your current lifestyle. Nothing comes close.

Day Two: QUESTION: How To STOP Wasting Money On Advertising? ANSWER: Have your own list of *responsive* prospects! The keyword here being RESPONSIVE... I'll show you how to achieve this easily!

Day Three: 10 proven ways to start giving to the public to prove your worth, and build SUPER trust with them. When they need answers,they'll know it--you're the
man or woman to talk to--Here's how I do it!

Day Four: How to get 5,000 downloads of your free ebook in ONE MONTH.. for only $50.. No other fee-based advertising beats this one!

Day Five: How to quickly tap into the FREE quality traffic of 2 of the Internet's most frequently visited download sites. No one shares this!

Let me know if you have questions!

"Whatever you do, work at it with all of your heart, as working for
the Lord, not for men". Colossians 3:23 (NIV)