Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Low Quality Leads vs High Quality Leads

Lesson One: Start Your Lead Generation Building System
This first lesson will help you learn the type of leads to target for your opt-in subscriber list. I will show you how to find them in later lessons.

First, let’s talk about the primary differences between low quality leads and high quality leads.

For beginners, it is important for you to understand the two basic kinds of leads.
1. Generic Leads
2.) Targeted Leads

Generic Leads – Low Quality Leads:
Simply speaking, generic leads are people who directly or indirectly sign up to be on your subscriber list without actually reading your ad.

Generally, these leads come from lists you would purchase. Here’s the process how people usually get on those lists:

* Person signs up for a product, service or information and in exchange agree to receive emails from others.

* List Broker (one who sells the list to marketers) then adds the name and email of that person to a list to be sold to marketers. Be mindful, that person has not directly seen the marketer’s ad.

* Marketer (you) buys the lead list and sends an email to the person.

* The person is most likely confused when they receive the marketer’s email because they don’t recall requesting to receive this information.

* The person quickly unsubscribes from the marketer’s (your) list.

Now you can see crystal clear why such leads are considered low quality. The people on these lists have subscribed to some generic offer somewhere, but they don’t know you from Adam. They did not opt-in to see your ad. Most likely never had the first view of your ad . Therefore, they are not targeted leads , may have no interest in your offer at all and usually unsubscribe.

According to most reliable and credible marketing experts in the field, buying lead lists is worthless and a waste of money and time. It is strongly advised to stay away from purchasing these lists and concentrate your efforts on building your very own list. You will be much better off in the long run. Personally, I have bought lead lists in the past and found them to be of no value to me in building a long-term subscriber list.

Side Note:
If anyone out there is experiencing tremendous success buying lead lists , feel to leave me a comment and the source of your leads and I’ll be sure to make note of it here.

Targeted Leads – High Quality Leads:
Without a doubt, the best leads are targeted leads that actually respond directly to your advertisement or promotion.

Here’s the process for receiving a targeted lead:

* Person reads your advertisement or offer at your website or in an email.

* Person subscribes to your list after reading your ad or offer.

An example of this are the leads I get through Lead Generation Page See how this webpage has a simple 3-line ad at the top. When someone subscribes after reading your very own ad, that is an opt-in targeted lead. These are the high quality leads I am talking about.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out your best results are going to come from targeted leads. These people are joining your list because they have an interest in your product, service or information after they read your ad or promotion.

And here’s the added benefit, you can have these folks for life. Stay in constant contact, develop a relationship, gain their trust and you have a ready-made source for any upcoming offer you have.

In my next lessons, I will be showing you effective methods on how to find targeted leads for your subscriber list. You will learn how to start setting up a system so you can start receiving these targeted leads. Future lessons will show you step-by-step how to start building your own opt-in list quickly.

Stay tuned in, there’s more to come.

Christine Range