Friday, June 12, 2009

Marketing And Branding With Slogans

If you’re in any type of business, a branding strategy should be a top priority in your business plan. Incorporating the development of a slogan is one necessary component in building an effective brand campaign. Choosing a catchy phrase is a good method of achieving a brand for your company. The buzz word or catchy phrase works best when it complements your business firm name or logo. Some large companies have been so successful in promoting a highly profitable catch phrase that their customers know them as much by their slogan as they do by their company name. What contributed to such success? The brand name selected provided a boost to the business with company service or quality guarantees using as few words as possible yet traveling virally.

Impact Branding and Marketing

The primary goal when creating a slogan is to ensure it is one easily remembered and recalled. In essence, it speaks for the brand where pictures and images lack the ability to do so. Slogan selection done correctly leaves a prolonged effect on the minds of the customers and extends the marketing arm of your company’s products. You want to establish a boxing blow impact that will jolt the consumer’s mind. An attention span and interest is generated to the point that the consumer stops and considers the possibilities offered by your brand. In actuality, you r slogan is persuading the customer to take action to purchase you product or service.

Five Characteristics for Effective Branding and Marketing Slogans

1. A good slogan is memorable long-term

2. Increases consumer’s brand recollection by generating images in the consumer’s mind.

3. Spotlights the benefits of your product or services the consumer will gain.

4. Gives your product or service unique individuality to stand out from competition.

5. Serves as an impetus and reinforcement for the consumer to take action.

Business branding by using a slogan is a vital part of your company’s marketing efforts to sustain your organization long-term. Integrating the five characteristics for effective branding and marketing slogans enhances your business longevity and gives your company a competitive edge.


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