Monday, June 15, 2009

People Search Engine: Service-Affiliate Review

By: Christine Range

Purpose of Review Background

Most recently, many of the advertising sites are displaying massive amount of ads for Free People Search Engine.

In addition, the affiliate program associated with People Search Engine is making a guarantee that newly enrolled affiliates will receive at least a $125 commission within 24 hours of the affiliate’s site being advertised.

Initially, my thought - here we go again, another hyped up ‘next big thing’ or scam taking the internet by storm. Let’s face it, while $125 doesn’t seem like a lot of money to many, there are a lot of folks out there hurting financially. They would jump at the chance to get $125 in 24 hours.

My curiosity got the best of me. I decided to see if there was any validity to these claims...scam or not scam – next big thing or not, thus resulting in this review.

Search Engine Service Delivery

Acme People Search Engine, a company located out of Washington, DC, offers a search engine that has the ability to fetch a variety of instant information about people. The major types of searches listed on the site are:

    Search by Phone - Reverse Phone Lookup
    Provides owner name for cell phone and unlisted numbers. Results include name, address, carrier and other information if available.

    Search by Social Security Number (SSN)
    Offers a fast and discreet way to conduct social security searches. Result findings can be current address, phone number, address history, criminal record, death index, property ownership and list of relatives with addresses.

    Background Check Reports
    Upon completing a form and receipt of payment, access to a member site is granted. The member site is like a one stop shop for all info needed to conduct investigatory activities. The terms of service are explicit about how this information is NOT to be used. Anyone ordering these type of reports should take time to read the terms.

    Find Email Addresses
    This service is one of the world’s largest email finder directories available to the public to reconnect you with old friends, classmates, and lost contacts.

Information Providers

The information providers behind the search engines are highly reputable companies, who fully disclose themselves. There is no cloaking by these businesses to prevent you from knowing source of information.

Having reviewed many sites and blogs, I have to admit these are some very plain- looking sites. I guess the intent is not to 'razzle and dazzle' you into making a decision to purchase anything. If you are coming there to get information, they make it very easy to do that. There is absolutely no clutter on these sites. Plug your information in. Get your information out – plain and simple.

Example of Free People Search Engine Website

Free People Search Engine Affiliate Program

Next, I wanted to learn more about the Free People Search Engine Affiliate program. I was anxious to know if they honor their guarantee of at least $125 within 24 hours. This I really had to see!

One the first things their advertisement emphasized in large black letters is “PEOPLE SEARCH” IS HUGE! Fact: 30% of all Searches on Google and Yahoo are People Search Related and Growing!

Where exactly did Acme get this FACT?

Well, right HERE! article 'People Searches Surge Ahead' does substantiate this claim.

Now on to the good part - Getting My Hands On This $125 Moolah Within 24 Hours.

On June 11, I signed up for People Search Engine affiliate program. There was no cost to become enrolled. There is a 3 Step Process you complete that determines the commission percentage.

Step 1 – 35%
Step 2 – 65%
Step 3 – 100%

In order to be eligible for the $125 commission, ALL 3 steps must be completed. This took me about a day because I was being so detail-oriented. Plus you had to set up a website and choose a domain name. Still, no out of pocket money so far.

On June 12, all my steps were confirmed as having been completed. Advertising of my search engine began with no cost to me. This confirmation was received at 11:22 am.

June 13 at 12:05, I received an email 'Commission Notification' in the subject line – email 'you’ve just earned the following commission from your niche search engine $125.'

I logged into the back office to verify the commission had been posted to my account. Yes, indeed, it was posted! So there you have it, the guarantee of $125 was honored and in my affiliate account.

Now here’s the downside to the guarantee, you must have a balance of at least $200 before you can request payment. So do not make the mistake of thinking the funds are going to be wired or available to you in 24 hours. Do not make immediate spending plans for that money. That is NOT how it works!

Yet, this is the first guaranteed commission offering I’ve seen of this type associated with an online affiliate program. (There may be others out there, I'm just not aware of them).

In spite of having to wait a couple of weeks to be paid. It serves as an excellent incentive for affiliates to learn and implement marketing strategies, themselves to get the remaining $75 needed for payout.

This program actually has a minimum of five other ways to earn residual income, virtually on autopilot. One is GDI, who provides website registration and hosting.

The other four are actually built into the system, you don’t do anything additional to earn it. When people conduct searches you are paid through these other avenues.

Another impressive area with the affiliate program is follow-up, initial and ongoing training. There is a system in place with videos included, to walk you right through every step necessary to get you up and running as quickly as you can complete the steps.

In my opinion, The People Search Engine is far from being a scam and does offer a legitimate way to start an online business with no out of pocket money.

I would caution one, not to look at this program from a point of getting a quick $125 or the $200, whatever and then take off. If getting the $125 is your sole incentive for becoming an affiliate, I would pass this opportunity up.

The potential to make a solid income from multiple income streams is excellent and many are making substantial incomes on a weekly basis.

The successful up-line members are serving as REAL support trainers and “accessible” with strong emphasis on getting affiliates trained properly and in a profit-making position as soon as possible. When I say accessible, YES, you can TALK with them personally if you need or want to AND they are high-end money earners.

People Search is definitely a service I would use personally, I do use it personally and I highly recommend both the service and affiliate program.

Anyone considering or using online dating services, this is an excellent method to learn a little something about that special person, to see if it is worth you falling head over heels in love.

You can learn more about the People Search Engine Business Here.