Wednesday, May 31, 2006

SEO Reminder Plus Affiliate Marketing Review

I know how busy we all are in our everyday lives. We can have the best intentions of following through on our ‘things to do’ list then get easily distracted. I feel so strongly that Brad Callen’s Fast Track SEO Guides can help your Search Engine Optimization efforts that I decided to post a daily reminder here.

In addition, I will provide you with a brief overview of what is included in the SEO lessons. Also feel free to subscribe directly to Brad’s Lessons and he will definitely send them to you like clockwork. Let’s Get Started...

Lesson 1 Highlights – Target the Right Keywords:

* Why if you optimize the wrong keywords, you’ll likely never see results

* Specific example of what your very first steps MUST be when creating any website, no matter what the subject matter.

* Keyword Tool Software - Free Download:

* Quick Definition of Google Page Rank and why you need to know it

* Google Toolbar Download:

* Onpage Optimization Factors

* SEO Competition Analyzer – Free Software Copy

* Short Video Demo how SEO Competition Software works

* Bonus Offers

SEO Guide Lesson 1 Full Version

Stay tuned for Lesson 2 highlights soon to follow!


Ewen Chia shares a lot of good information to help affiliates achieve more of their goals. Step-by-step, How To Become A Better Affiliate Marketer and Make More Commissions. A few aspects I liked most are:

- Membership site provides tactics, tools, resources and continual education (without the hype).

- Provides methods on how to make income without you own products, websites or email lists.

- Requires no special skills allowing both new marketers as well as experienced marketers to benefit from the information.

- Provides proof that real ordinary people and experienced professionals have used the program and experienced success. Below is what a few users had to say about Secret Affiliate Weapon:


I have been trying to make an income online for over 12 months and was constantly suffering from information overload which resulted in me going around in circles and not achieving anything...until I found Ewen Chia.

Ewen arranges things so you can avoid the clutter and get to earn $$ quickly. His simple step-by-step system and the clarity he provides is excellent for a newbie!
- Ian McConnell

Secret Affiliate Weapon has changed my life! This is by far the best Affiliate Program around. As soon as I started using this service, I started earning more commissions from this one service than all my other campaigns combined.
- Ryan Blake

Secret Affiliate Weapon was the first program to teach me how easy it could be to draw in back-end sales for more profits. Ewen makes it look simple and you can learn alot just by watching what he does.

Secret Affiliate Weapon is the easiest affiliate income I’ve ever made . It also continues to teach me new things. Thanks Ewen for all your support, your emails, your blog and the countless new Effective ways you keep telling me about to promote Secret Affiliate Weapon.
- G. Reichard

Ewen, I am deluged with people selling tons of products every day...

I can honestly say that ALMOST NONE compare to your Secret Affiliate Weapon product for providing affiliate marketers with methods they can really use to make themselves successful and become a super affiliate themselves.

I always tell my subscribers if they are SERIOUS about becoming a success in affiliate marketing, they need to check out your product!


After personally reviewing the website and resources, I left very impressed with the amount of useful information not only at the site, but is flawless in pointing to other directions to obtain additional free and low-cost resources to complement his teachings.

My only opposing comment would be the site’s real value is high versus actual price being very low for the lifetime membership. While many would say that is good (and it is) it could also lead to over-saturation of marketing this product. This same concern was expressed in other people’s testimonial I read who indicated they wished Ewen would make this an exclusive membership. They feared too many people would learn the strategies, resulting in sales reduction.

Still, with that in mind and until the over-saturation point is reached, I would highly recommend the membership to better improve affiliate marketing efforts.

Secret Affiliate Weapon Lifetime Membership

To Your Continued Success!

Christine Range