Thursday, October 09, 2008

BizDoc | Small Business Compliance Help

I'm taking a slight detour today from marketing to discuss some business housekeeping matters. Before I get started, some valuable bonuses are waiting for you. A Total Value of $383 in Products & Services at the end of this post - All Free. Don’t leave them behind...

Today’s business owners are faced with the many challenges of keeping their companies flourishing. Not to mention the time and effort required “trying” to stay on top of all the rapid growing technology in every aspect our lives. It’s simply mind boggling at times, I must admit.

With an already fully loaded day, it’s no wonder that the vast majority of business owners fail to retain proper documentation of their corporate activities. What this means is the asset protection you feel you are getting from your entity – just may not be the case. . So, as consuming as your day may be, this is definitely a topic that deserves a little spotlight.

Did you know that by NOT maintaining corporate records accurately such as corporate resolutions, meeting minutes, stock certificates, and stock ledger regularly, you can put your corporation at risk?

It’s the Law in almost ALL states that maintaining corporate records is required.

Like most serious business owners, I’m quite sure you want to adhere to all these compliance matters – but isn’t there just a way to get it over with as simply and quickly as possible? The answer is, YES!

BizDoc Software provides a solution for corporation and LLC structured businesses to stay in compliance with a software application that simplifies and automates the entire process.

Database Component
BizDoc has Corporate Manager database software that is easily accessible using only one navigation toolbar. Context help is provided for every data entry field . Access to the tutorial and user guide is easily accessible each step of the way.

I initially expected the software to be a set of templates because of its easy use. What I found out is that it is an extensive database that can store information for multiple corporations. Data is automatically inserted into documents and all your company information can be modified and saved while documents are being produced.

Privacy & Security
Corporation documents are not stored on the Internet or beyond your immediate access. data files are separate from program files, so the data folder can be backed up and stored in a secure location as you so choose.

The current economic climate has many business owners looking for ways to reduce costs. A lawyer can and will most likely charge more than the cost of BizDoc Software to draft only one resolution. When using BizDoc you have access to hundreds of ready drafted resolutions and other vital corporate documents such as meeting minutes, announcements, waivers, proxies and more.

On a final note, your "business of being in compliance" is not a subject to take lightly. While realizing reducing expenses is in the forefront of most business owners, if not all.

I strongly recommend you download a free version of the software to determine whether it meets your needs. There is no pressure to buy. So take full advantage during the trial period to examine BizDoc Software thoroughly.

After downloading product, be sure to contact their customer service and technical support staff to get any questions answered you may have. I am not aware of any negative comments whatsoever. But You Be The Judge For Yourself!

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