Thursday, October 22, 2009

SOKULE Social Networking Business Revolution

Have you've heard the latest news that SOKULE is the hottest new community in social networking?

Sokule is the brand new social network site designed specifically for business promotion. It gives any business owner the ability to use powerful applications to quickly and easily build a HUGE, highly TARGETED audience.

Some research quickly lead me to finding out that Sokule is the brainchild of Jane Mark and Phil Basten, the creative geniuses behind JPE Advertising, JAM Marketing, and Joe and Mable.

According to the Founders, SOKULE will be the most exciting technological innovation to hit social networking this year.

Why is SOKULE the next BIG step in the social networking revolution?

Short Version Answer: SOKULE is Twitter monetized.

Yes, you read correctly, it means you can get PAID - You Post and Earn with their innovative Affiliate Program.

This is an entirely NEW FREE Social Networking community where you can post your tweets on Sokule, Twitter and 40 other top sites instantly -- and lets you earn some money while doing it.

SOKULE is being compared very closely to the Twitter Social Community. However, instead of having followers - SOKULE calls them "trackers". Instead of making tweets, you make "squeeks".

Predictions are circulating all throughout the worldwide web that SOKULE is 10 Times Better than Twitter and actually in the preparation mode to surpass Twitter! I must admit - these are some very stealth predictions.

Side Note: Just how happy can Twitter be about this new found competition. It will be very interesting to see as it unfolds.

SOKULE Top Business Promotion Features
1. Your squeeks are posted on Sokule, Twitter, and 40 other TOP Social Networking sites INSTANTLY! Your friends and followers will never miss a word you have to say.

2. Members are NOT limited to short tweets, your squeeks can be up to a whopping 500 characters long (if you are a paid member), enough space to really say something important.

3. You can include LIVE clickable LINKS on your profile page.

4. Share up to 5 of your photos in your profile.

5. Include LIVE links on your profile page.

6. Sokule lets you instantly invite all your Twitter followers to join you on SOKULE.

7. Earn cash in an innovative Affiliate Program.

8. Add video ads, text ads, and photos to your affiliate page.

Browsing through all the links lead me to the conclusion that it does seem to offer many NEW features that are not seen on Twitter or other social networking sites - at least not all in one platform.

Just in case you are wondering SOKULE is "SO KULE" or "Sooo Cool" for business.

Don't you just love the name?

Well, if you want to be part of the excitement that is building web wide, you can sign up to Get Your Own SOKULE Account FREE Right Here!.

If you decide to become a "squeeker" come back and give your comments on SOKULE vs. Twitter. There's nothing like a lively debate!

Happy Squeeking,

Christine Range