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Site Flipping For Fast Money | Site Flipping Gold Review

A friend of mine ask me to review Site Flipping Gold. He has been looking for ways to make some cash quickly. He learned about this website flipping system that was producing very profitable results. Frankly, when he read the income claims, cost outlay, and fast timing of the system, he wanted to jump on it with both feet.

Website flipping is becoming a newer, popular money making practice. I've read it can be highly profitable if you know what you are doing.

When I first read the title of Mike Williams site, "6 Hours of Work = 2,387.48," my initial reaction was here's a hype headline that definitely grabs your attention. I was rather reluctant to give a review because of the hefty claims made.

As part of my research, I examined their Ultimate Site Flipping Guide. Truthfully, when I finished reading through it , my head was swimming with all kinds of thoughts about its possibilities. Anyway, below is my detailed review.

Site Flipping Gold | Review
By: Christine Range
January 4, 2009

Website Owner Viewpoint and Motivation
According to up and coming marketer and site owner, Mike Williams, he cites recently making over $2,000 in 6 hours personally and has even come up with a way to make similar income even faster.

Mike Williams claims emphatically the Site Flipping Gold System generating over $2,000 in working six hours is NOT fluff - it's a fact. Even the newest internet marketers using his system are experiencing the same type of results.

The product creators' motivation for developing such a system originated with him becoming discouraged watching other frustrated "online money seekers" getting tired of "courses" and "guides" and "systems that get you all hyped up but send you crashing down to reality when you realize you haven't achieved any REAL results.

So he set out to devise a system to teach internet marketers advanced site flipping strategies that takes them by the hand and walks them through the process with no missing pieces to have to figure out on their own.

The system's capability was also to include generating upwards of $2,000 in profit with only six hours of work. Mike Williams admits, the challenge was hefty. But he was prepared to make it happen because he had witnessed it in action for himself. Finally, the product he wanted for internet marketers to make money came into fruition.

Money Making Strategy Overview
The Ultimate Site Flipping Guide teaches advanced site flipping strategies to enable internet marketers to reach proposed income levels.

The site flipping formula taught is no different from marketing other products and services online except marketers get to cash in on future profits of a website in a much shorter time than some other online money making methods.

In the nut shell, the marketer buys or creates a site that makes $200 per month. If buying, the goal is to purchase the site at the cheapest price, between $25 to $100. The page rank is not an issue as long as the site can be optimized effectively to achieve good search engine ranking later.

Sites making $200 per month are conservatively expected to receive about $2,400 from the site quickly which is then paid into the marketer's Paypal account.

One positive aspect is the marketer does not have to worry about maintaining the site, conversion rates or providing customer service tasks.

The Ultimate Site Flipping Guide provides a REAL step by step system. EVERY SINGLE STEP of the process is on video which significantly minimizes the failure rate. You point and click with what's going on in the video and follow simple instructions provided. No special technical knowledge or HTML know-how is required.

With all that said, I hope no serious marketer out there believes you are going to make this kind of profit doing nothing. That's just not going to happen - period - dot. The system does not work by osmosis nor on autopilot. The marketer will have to put in the effort and follow the steps set forth in the videos.

5 Key Learning Tools and Strategies | Site Flipping Gold
  1. How to get your site ranking #1 in Google in a firecely competitive market in under a week
  2. How to significantly increase the value of your site 10 fold with simple, easy tweaking.
  3. The quickest and cheapest ways to get high volume, quality backlinks to your site in the first week.
  4. How to "piggy back" on the success of previous site flippers and profit very well from it.
  5. Twelve step by step videos that goes through the entire process with you, including any technical difficulties encountered.
Who Is This System For?
The Ultimate Site Flipping Guide is for anyone from the most advanced marketer to the newest marketer trying to make money online.

How Long Will It Really Take To Receive Profits?
According to Mike Williams, he wants to be completely honest and upfront answering this question. It can take up to two months to actually go through the entire site flipping process and sell a site at the price you want. It can be much faster, but he does not want to provide false hopes so he'd rather be generous with profit timing.

I was very impressed with Mike Williams decision to offer a realistic time frame for making profits using his system. Results will most certainly vary from person to person in my opinion.

Reviewer Summary
I have not personally used The Ultimate Site Flipping Guide yet because I have full plate right now. I would be unable to focus on it as I would want to. However based upon my research, it is a system that I would definitely try out (and I intend to shortly) particularly at a cost of only $27.

The product creator does indicate at his site that he has not seen this type of breakthrough site flipping formula taught or recommended anywhere else on the internet.

My research did locate other site flipping websites with courses and recommendations. However the cost was higher. The ones I checked started at $77 some cost even more. I did not examine in detail competitors website flipping formulas. I can only surmise the statement of not to seeing this type of product was in reference to "the breakthrough formulas used" not that no one else was offering site flipping programs.

Additional research was revealing to the degree that website flipping is indeed becoming a popular money making practice. Referencing other websites as well this one I reviewed, I did not find any negative material or testimonies. I did observe screen shots of five figure profits being made. It appears to be an ethical and legal way to generate income at this point.

For those willing to put in the time and effort to implement the strategies, who have some funds to buy cheap websites, this does seem to be a way to make profits as described by the owner. My viewing of income generated screen shots definitely revealed extremely attractive profits - many displayed more than ten times the amount of the web site purchase.

Taking into account the potential ROI of a surprisingly low price of $27 and the ability to purchase cheap web sites, I do recommend Site Flipping Gold as yet another internet marketing avenue to generate income on a quick basis.

The product has a 100% Money Back Guarantee. You have 30 days to review material, complete training and try it out to see if it's for you. If you are not satisfied with the results, upon written request, a refund is returned to your Paypal account. So the risk of losing your money is actually zero.

Also the site does offer 3 very good Bonuses. See below to access more detailed information.

Learn How To Quickly Make Money Online Using The Ultimate Site Flipping Guide HERE

About the Author:
Author Christine Range is an expert online researcher, a seasoned marketer and business owner of CR Group & Associates, LLC.

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