Thursday, January 22, 2009

Q&A For Affiliate Marketing With Adwords

Affiliate Marketing With Adwords | Profit Generating & Business Building System: Tight Marketing Stratgies 3 (Cont'd)

Yesterday I wrote to you about Matt Levenhagen's program - The one that teaches you to build a REAL business online (making REAL money)with Adwords and Affiliate Marketing.

Here are a few Questions and Answers (Q&A) about the program that I though you might like to see:

Q. How current is this guide?

A. Very. He's just added another update that covers
  • Easy action plan to get you started
  • In-depth strategies
  • Never before revealed techniques for list building
  • 3 level bidding strategies for maximum profit
  • Detailed insider info on campaign expansion techniques
  • How to build and grow your campaigns toward higher and high
    profits - And even more.

Q. I'd love to use this to make my living online, but I don't know much about Adwords. Is this for me?

A. Yes. Matt includes Adwords basic training with the course. It takes you step-
by-step through everything you need to know, even if you've never ever used Google or Adwords before.

Q. Do I have to know how to build landing pages?

A. No. You don't need landing pages or a website to start making money today, but they should be part of your long term plan. That's why Matt also gives you Landing Pages 101.

Q. What about tracking different campaigns. Don't you spend all day just trying to figure out what's working?

A. Normally, yes. Google is limited in some ways, and tracking different campaigns in different markets used to take Matt a long time. That's why he developed the Campaign Clustering Tracking System, which makes it brain-dead simple to do. It's included in your package.

If you want to learn how to do something, and do it really really well, learn from a pro. Matt is one of the very best in the business, and he'll give you every tip,
trick, and insider secret he's developed.

Affiliate marketing with Adwords is one of those things you can set up and continue to make money on for a long time. A successful campaign doesn't need to end in a day or week.

Some campaigns go on for months and even years, depending on various factors in that
particular niche. So you can build more and more streams of income, monitoring the ones you've already started to ensure they stay profitable.

Do you see what this can do for you?

Here's a short re-cap of just a few of the things you'll discover in Matt's
  • How to find new niches and profits every single week
  • How to gather numerous profit streams in endless markets all adding up to one gorgeous, ever-expanding business income
  • The 9 Key Principles that Matt's students embrace to ensure their success with Adwords and affiliate marketing
  • Matt's proven step-by-step system for launching campaigns
  • How to spend your time finding winning campaigns while your competition is bogged down in a quagmire of disorganization

Bottom line, if you can follow directions, you can do this.

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