Friday, September 25, 2009

How Main Street Entrepreneurs Dominate Niche

Main Street Entrepreneurs continue to lag behind larger businesses in specific twitter knowledge, methods and strategies to increase traffic that could lead to dominating their niche.

Today's article talks about ways small business owners can make better use of their Twitter accounts and shares some tips and resources to move quicker to catch up with competitors.

How Entrepreneurs Dominate Niche Using Twitter
Author: Christine Range

Evolving Promotion TrendEntrepreneurs are increasingly choosing to dominate their niche using Twitter AND... its fast becoming a more recognized online marketing practice. If you're a business owner and you haven't joined this massive movement to get the word out about your products and services yet, you might want to consider catching up with your competitors.

This evolving promotion trend is producing some radical results for a slew of savvy Twitter users - especially for entrepreneurs whose niche has a pretty high number of followers.

Initially, Twitter's tweet appeal was enjoyed to a large extent by younger age groups - mostly for enjoyment. But my... how times bring about a change!

Now, tweet appeal has gushed into main street marketing, thanks to celebrities like Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher, and Oprah. This phenomenon is a great thing for small business owners just like you -- if you are doing any type of selling on the internet.

How Twitter Magnetic Power Helps Business ProfitsThe Good News - you really can dominate your niche using the magnetic power of Twitter. There's a strong likelihood that a few thousand people are already in your niche and using this social networking site on a constant basis. These users are keeping an eye out for valuable, useful information about products and services that can help their business quest.

Unlike many clueless entrepreneurs, savvy twitter business owners are not just posting a bunch of links in their tweets. Instead, these folks are integrating effective methods, strategies and tools to reach their niche market.

Is your niche business benefiting fully from your Twitter use yet? If your answer is yes, then this article most likely will not pertain to you. If your answer is no, or -- I don’t know, you just might want to keep reading along.

Hopefully, you have at least signed up for a Twitter account - even if you haven’t been tweeting much and you’re still trying to figure out some advantages of being a twitter user. One of the first and most important actions you need to take is to complete an excellent profile for yourself. Please, don’t simply slam a bunch of useless words in your profile.

I've learned that your profile will be more effective when it's a close natural connection to the niche that you want to dominate. Secondly, be sure to link your profile to a related site.

When you upload your photo as part of your profile, I strongly recommend you place a real, live picture of yourself so your visitors can gain a sense of trust about you –especially if you happen to think you look pretty hot. Believe it or not, I have chosen to follow someone in my niche, simply because I liked the look of their eyes or smile. For those who think they may not look so hot, put your photo up anyway. After all, beauty IS in the eye of the beholder. If you don’t have any photos of yourself on hand, for the interim use an avatar or logo. Just make sure it's appropriate and not a turn-off.

Side Note: I must admit, there are some instances where a properly chosen avatar or logo which connects directly to the niche is sometimes recalled quicker than a photo because some aspect of avatar-logo serves as a trigger that helps others remember it more readily. However, in my opinion, this is more the exception than the rule, especially until you have some name recognition. With that said, I’ll get back on track.

Now that you’ve completed a good, relevant profile, it’s time to get some followers. You can simply follow the people who are following the most popular people in the niche. Many of these people will follow you back. Twitter has a search feature to find followers at One of my favorite places to find other entrepreneurs relevant to my niche is

Now you’re set up and ready to start tweeting. When you tweet, make your tone sound personable and stay on your topic. As you are looking to find followers others are looking to do the same. Interested people will check out your profile to see what you have to say, and some of these people might even convert into sales.

Gradually, you can start marketing your product or your website. If you have something related and relevant to add, make reply and use your link at that time. As you start to gain people's trust, and they start to recognize your name, you are apt to get more repeat visitors to your site eventually converting to sales.

Taking the initiative to dominate your niche on Twitter really isn’t all that difficult -- especially if you are a fast mover. Many online marketers and business owners remain clueless that this is a terrific arena to market and gain additional traffic. So why not get behind this micro-blog driver’s seat, move into the fast lane and take the lead? Once you do, it can lead to some highly significant traffic and increased sales.

Main Street Entrepreneurs-- dominating a niche with Twitter is within your reach, time to get onboard!

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