Thursday, December 11, 2008

Stop Blaming The Gurus ? | Online Business Marketing

Oh what an article my Guest Author, William Blake has for today's post... His title may be mild, but man oh man does he shed some light on failing internet marketing efforts and just where the blame may lie.

Hint - Hint, the blame is NOT being placed with all those "so called Greedy Gurus". Tune in for a fresh point of view of why so many unsuccessful online entrepreneurs are not winning the internet marketing game. Without further ado...

Article: It's Cooperation, Not Competition
By William Blake

There are those of us in this world that are competitive by nature. We are even competitive about being competitive. We are always thinking in terms of 'winning' or 'losing'.

It's perfectly normal to want to win a competition. The important thing is being able to tell the difference between a competitive event and one won through cooperation.

Unlike normal competitive events internet marketing has no finish line or final goal. In football you want to score more points than the other team within a given time frame, in chess you want to 'check-mate' your opponent. Internet marketing is very different in that the game is never over and there is no time limit.

Internet marketing is at its optimum when it works to research, test, share and act on new ways to do internet marketing better. It works best when working within a community to better itself. Competitive attitudes get in the way and progress is much faster through cooperation.

Everyone gets involved and helps to push the boundaries of internet marketing, simply because everyone knows that there is a collective benefit when new technologies are developed and implemented.

If you are a competitive person you will want to compete to supply more leads, put together more joint ventures, help more people than your competitors.

There is only one way in which competition can help internet marketing, and that is by competing in terms of how cooperative you are compared to your competitor.

There is more than enough business out there for all of us. The supply of customers is not limited, and the benefits for one internet marketer tend to filter down and benefit all of us through cooperation.

Leading on from this is my next point. Stop blaming the Guru's..

We have all met those people that always have an excuse for their own failures. Usually their failure was caused by someone other than themselves according to them.

When they relate their stories one common thread starts to shine through. They were the victims in their failed business. It wasn't their fault that their business failed, they didn't do anything wrong, etc, etc. It's dangerous to believe them purely because it's wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. We all hold success and failure in our hands, and we actively choose one or the other via the decisions we choose to make.

When businesses do fail...and they do....they fail for many reasons none of which can be attributed to others. I have heard internet entrepreneurs lay the blame for the failure of their businesses squarely at the feet of what they mockingly call, 'Internet Gurus'.

These whiners will tell everybody who will listen that the failure of their internet business was not their fault at all and that their businesses failed because a 'guru' led them wrong, sold them products that they didn't need and flooded their inboxes with so many offers that they couldn't get their work done.

When the very successful internet marketers (sometimes called 'gurus') make offers of products to their list of subscribers, they aren't telling anybody that they are REQUIRED to buy the products.

If an offer, or product, is worthy of his list's attention the successful internet marketer has is perfectly able to send this to his list with a clear conscience, even though he knows that this recommendation won't be suitable for everyone on his list. But for several, it will be the perfect tool.

Each internet entrepreneur is responsible for their own success as well as for their own failure if it comes to that. Everybody should know their own business well enough to determine whether a product offered would be truly helpful or not and when advice is given, it is just that, ADVICE.

It isn't an order that you must is only a suggestion. The decisions about your business are always up to you and you alone.

About the Author:

After William's article, I thought some personal empowerment is definitely in order.

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