Friday, February 24, 2006

Heated Debate About Content Publishing

Heavyweight Content Converter Software Package stirs up strong opinions...

According to the words of Jeff Dedrick (SEO/Article Publishing Expert), if you have 'Duplicate Content' on your websites there is a good chance Google and Yahoo will penalize or BAN Your Site - and there goes your income.

Planned changes by Google and Yahoo regarding index methods that will be used to rank web sites is sparring this debate by SEO optimization experts,website owners and 'gurus' in the industry. (Unless you are living in a cave, you have no doubt heard of these upcoming changes)

Jeff reveals he is going to take some serious heat for exposing that we (Internet Marketers) have been lied to!

What is the Lie? Being told "Content Is King".

The Truth...UNIQUE content is king.

The audience for this critical message are Online Marketers and Website Owners who have put alot of effort into content sites network, for example...those who have:

1.) Added content over time to ensure Google sees your site as always improving.

2.) Created valuable links and those who have worked hard to increase site's PR (page rank).

3.) Blogged and pinged

4.) Purchased and uploaded private label articles.

The Secret Article Converter website goes on to say your 'well intentioned' strategies to get more traffic could end up totally back firing in your face anytime!

If Content Publishing is your main income stream or an integral part of it, then I highly recommend you go to the site to hear some serious talk on the subject. Here, Jeff Dedrick gives his Whole TRUTH on the matter and shares how to create unique cash generating content that search engines will love.

Jeff Dedrick's SEO Predictions

Feel free to let me know your thoughts on this subject.

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Christine Range