Sunday, March 22, 2009

TEP Marketing System - Free Report Announcement

Hi World,

Just giving you the latest addition to my blog - TEP Marketing System FREE REPORT!

  • Learn How to Build Your OWN List 10 Times Faster
  • Why You Must Have Your Own List to be Profitable Online!
  • How To Stop Being A Victim To Online Tactics

I highly recommend any internet marketer attempting to make money online read:

"Stop Being A Victim"

Highly enlightening and very much worth your time!

All the best,

Christine Range

Merchant Solutions

Thursday, March 05, 2009

New Personal Powerline Pay Plan Takes the Internet by Storm!

EZ Wealth Solution Review:
In a time of doom and gloom that we find ourselves in with today’s failing economy, it’s refreshing to see program or should I say a pay plan come along that was actually designed with the average person in mind! A pay plan so simple and so affordable, anyone can join and anyone can succeed!

The pay plan I’m referring to is called The Personal Powerline, and is was designed by Mr. Ron Walsh, CEO and Founder of

EZ Wealth Solution is a Direct Sales Company and has been in business for 15 months (as of March 2009). EZ Wealth Solution has 5 separate Pay Plans (5 Levels), and they are paying out a full 100% on all sales, and being that they are a Direct Sales Company, all commissions are sent directly from Member-to-Member!

Pay It Forward System:
“The Personal Powerline Pay Plan” is the “Lead in Program” or the “In House Feeder Program” for the 5 Level Pay Plan at EZ Wealth Solution, and it really makes it easy for people to get into profit so they can leverage their way into the higher income Levels. Mr. Walsh even has a “Pay It Forward System” in place whereby your sponsor will pay your way into “The Personal Powerline Pay Plan” Level # 1 (a $47 value), and boy is it ever working!

Over $600,000 in commissions have been paid out already! According to Mr. Walsh, they are on pace to hit the MILLION DOLLAR mark by June, 2009. Pretty impressive when you think they are paying out a full 100%!

In this marketers opinion, “The Personal Powerline Pay Plan” is a stroke of genius, and a must see for everyone wanting to earn money online!

There is no other pay plan like this on the Internet because it was personally designed by Mr. Walsh himself, and to quote Mr. Walsh; “It’s going to change the way people earn money online, and the speed in which they do it!”

I could not agree more! The income potential here is truly incredible!

There are confirmed reports of people earning as much as $5,000 to $10,000 their very first month in the business, and many more earning $500 to $1000 their first month!

Program Cost Overview:
What’s so amazing about this is you can get started for as little as $10 (Admin Fee) and this covers both programs, The Personal and EZ Wealth".

One low Admin Fee for 2 programs, this is unheard of! I’m still trying to figure out if Mr. Walsh is crazy or brilliant. At this point I’m leaning towards brilliant because he has made this program affordable to the masses, but there’s one thing for sure, he’s not greedy like some program owners you see out there!

If you ask me, this is exactly the type of person and program we need in these tough economic times. So if you need to make an extra $500 to $1000 this month, I urge you to check out The Personal Powerline Pay Plan Today!

Christine Range

Merchant Solutions