Thursday, March 04, 2010

Easy Video Marketing Branding Business Tool

With so much rave about video marketing, there is increased pressure for any online business owner, advertiser, or blogger to know how to use video for marketing online. Video marketing is definitely the "HOTTEST TREND" in use by marketers to brand their business and reach out to prospective clients from all over the world.

Since you market online, I HOPE you understand that Video Is NOW And THE Future...

As an internet marketer I am interested in keeping up with new ideas and trends in internet marketing. Since I have been on the internet for a long time doing things like creating my own internet city, website promotion, making money on the internet, I have seen the internet change by leaps and bounds.

Today, in order to be relevant in internet marketing your website or blog has to do more than just be a static web page,now you have to have content and different methods to share that content such as having your own blog, perhaps forums,and now "the biggie" -- Video.

The big problem for many business owners and marketers is MOST just don't know enough "technical stuff" to even get their videos online.

With increasing access to broadband, video is now possible for virtually everyone to use. However, if you lack the technical know-how to create, upload, provide description and tags to videos, increased broadband is the least of your concern.

Nevertheless, we website owners are saying to ourselves "gee we want to get in on the video thing", but it is something else we have to learn how to do, another learning curve, and for many of us the idea just sort of fizzles.

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Video has become the "new must have" not only for internet marketers but for everyone who has a website.

Video Producer Software
I am so excited because I don’t have to miss out this time, because I lack the expertise to create and broadcast videos or perhaps I just don’t have the time.

I found a unique new software I thought I would check out, to see if I could use it. I was hoping it would be easy to use, to create video and then put it on my website. I also wanted the video to look good, something I wouldn’t mind people watching and/or downloading to pass it around.

Well I couldn’t believe it. This software made it drop dead easy to make videos and to put them on my website. I actually was able to make a quality, professional looking video in less than 5 minutes.

This sounds crazy I know, but I did it.

If video is something you have been wanting to do but felt really intimidated by it up to this point, you might want to try this software for yourself, because the best part is you can use the software and it doesn’t cost you anything. That was important to me because I didn’t know if I would be able to use the software, and I didn’t want to pay for something I wasn’t sure I could even use.

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Closing Thought
Oh, one last thought... this software is an excellent marketing tool for Local Business Owners who have a website and are looking to gain increased branding for their products as well as take advantage of new opportunities to get out their message, advertise their business, make video postcards, send video e-mails, and create how-to content. The ideas are infinitely endless - so be sure to check it out!

Christine Range

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