Monday, January 30, 2006

Can You Pass This “e” Marketer Test?

As an internet marketer who has been on the scene for awhile, I still find myself fighting against falling behind in this rapid ever-changing world of the Internet. Just when I think I am up to speed on major marketing techniques or new information technology, it changes. Something else comes along, new and improved. We’re told this is a “must have” if you want to succeed with your online business. It becomes all the buzz in the major marketing community.

I can only imagine how beginning internet marketers may be feeling overwhelmed and sometimes ready to give up. Many new team members are signing on based upon promotions that say “no experience or special skills required – you will receive complete training to be successful with your own home based business.” The sad truth is, many new affiliates and marketers are joining with no real idea of what will be truly required to thrive and survive in the “e” marketing world.

I recall during my earliest days, about 5 or 6 years ago, I joined a particular income opportunity affiliate program. The program informed new marketers to go to their forum first to find answers to their questions, prior to emailing upline sponsors. Also, to use the forum to stay updated and informed on what was happening.

I would go to the forums just to see what was being asked and answered, which did most of the time, answer any questions I may have had. One day there was an announcement to copy and paste some text to our affiliate site for a site change that was being made.

Well, a brand new member signed in and posted, "will someone help him because I do not know how to copy and paste." This call for help sparked off a fury of post after post from the more experienced marketers. The comments went from actually calling the guy stupid to an entire dialogue of the need to have separate forums for “newbies” who don’t know what they are doing. Quite frankly, I felt embarrassed for the guy, I can only imagine how he may have felt.

I immediately emailed my sponsor and ask him to go to the forum and read these posts. I told my sponsor, after seeing these type of posts, I would never ask a question in a forum. And, I would definitely not send any of my newly recruited members there to possibly be subjected to such comments and embarrassment. Even though this incident did not directly involve me, it actually lead to me staying out of forums for a long period of time and disliking the word “newbie”.

Here within the past couple of years, I have eased back in the forum arena with a pleasant surprise. The forum moderators are actively taking a stand, prohibiting abusive and flaming comments in posts toward other members. The more experienced marketers are taking a more considerate and supportive role toward new marketers. This is a welcome change which presents a more user friendly environment for beginning internet marketers.

Also, I believe the development of “newbie” sites (as you would call it) has been very beneficial for beginning “e”marketers. They can now be referred to sites with resources and training to elevate the most novice internet skills. And the experienced marketers can stay focused on income-producing and promotional techniques and strategies to build their income and team.

However, I am still felt prompted to share with both prospective and beginning marketers of the need to obtain certain basic skills which will enable you to grow more rapidly in this ever-changing internet marketing world.

Some of you experienced marketers may disagree with me here, but it is my opinion and thought that all “effective or successful” internet marketers are proficient in the following four areas:

Beginning Marketers - Can You Pass This “E” Marketing Test?

Personal Computer Skills:

1. Can you use a computer keyboard and mouse?

2. Can you create documents in a word processor?

3. Do you know how to copy, paste and save text documents?

4. Do you know how to use a html editor such as FrontPage?

5. Do you know how to install and update software?

6. Do you know how to maintain and update anti-virus software?

7. Do you know how to save documents, pictures and other data files to disks and cd-roms?

8. Are you familiar with scanners, digital cameras, printers, speakers and cd-roms?

Internet Skills:

1. Do you know basic surfing and navigation using a web browser?

2. Can you use search engines and effective search methods?

3. Do you know how to download programs, products and other files?
4. Do you know how to print web pages?

5. Do you know how to upload html pages to the internet using ftp?

Email Skills:
1. Do you know how to set up and maintain an email program?

2. Do you know how to compose, send, receive, organize, save and print email messages?

3. Do you know how to send, receive and open attachments safely?

4. Do you know how to manage contacts in the email address book?

Staying Updated With Changes:
1. Do you learn new skills by taking classes or enrolling in courses?

2. Do you subscribe to newsletters and ezines to earn new trends, resources, tools and applications?

3. Do you use and improve skills daily?

So, How Do You Rate As An “E” Marketer?

These are the basic skills anyone must possess who wants to succeed in an online business.

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Until Next Time...

Christine Range

Friday, January 27, 2006

Free Marketing Resources for today

Today's Free Marketing Resource is...

Recommended Resources:

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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

New Business and Social Networking for Internet Marketers

Welcome to Christine’s blogspot for internet marketing. Here, I discuss my thoughts, opinions and share useful resources for online marketing of MLM: Multi-level marketing, affiliate and network marketing programs.

Business and Social Networking:
Today’s discussion is Business and Social Networking. First, let me tell you how I came upon this topic. Last week as I was reading through my emails, I came across one that really peeked my interest. The ad read:

“You’re going to love this new site I found for social and business networking. It’s free to join and advertise in this business directory. You can even win cash and prizes for the best profile. You’re invited to post a free profile on my site. Many serious entrepreneurs will view your contact and business information”.

I read to the end of the email and noticed the person’s address was in Columbus, Ohio, where I currently reside. I clicked the link and arrived at – People Connection. I did indeed join free and posted my business profile at the site. AND, my upline sponsor is right here in Columbus!

Now, those who truly know me often describe me as a “straight shooter” or “tell it like it is” kind of person. So, I am telling you the honest- to- goodness truth when I say, immediately upon posting my profile, I started receiving a slew of email notifications of people wanting to be added to my personal contact list. It was a bit overwhelming at first, I had seen nothing exactly like this.

As Internet Marketers, we have focused so much on building our list, capturing names and email addresses, it seemed rather ironic to have people actually asking me to add them to my contact list. What A Welcome Change!

Since joining, I have connected with some of the most terrific people from all walks of life at all levels of internet marketing experience. Overall, it’s a connection of like-minded entrepreneurs committed to helping others, as well as themselves, achieve business success. Of course you know they eventually want to promote their business to you. However, it’s done in a more subtle way.

I decided this is so good, I have to share it with others. I was in the process of putting my thoughts together of what I was going to write, but thanks to Cody Moya, he just freed up a couple of hours of my time. I have been a subscriber of Cody’s Business Marketing Tips (BMT) newsletter since February 2005. Cody featured an article “Indirect Advertising” in his Jnauary 20, 2006 newsletter. Although, I call it "subtle advertising" while Cody refers to it as “indirect”, regardless, I’m sure you will get the point. Here it Is...

Indirect Advertising

I am reasonably certain that anyone reading this article is familiar with all the free online advertising methods such as the all-too familiar Sp-m emails, Classified Ads, FFA pages, Banners, Text Ads, Traffic Exchanges, Newsletters, Guaranteed Visitors, Paid to Read, Paid to Join, Link Swaps, Pop-ups, as well as many other types of 'In-Your-Face' advertising, some of which may have been dreamed up since this article was written.

What I would like you to consider is this: What do you think when you see this kind of stuff yourself? More to the point, what is your 'Frame of Mind' at that moment?

My guess is you think, "Here we go again..." and your shields go up. You pull up your waders and trudge on through, oblivious to the thousands of messages ricocheting off your armor as you collect a few more hits for your own website promotion or product offer.

With Millions of would be online Millionaires doing this hour after hour and day after day, is it any wonder that the Internet slows down to a crawl and even stops at times?

Now consider the "Frame of Mind" of a visitor that came looking for you to see what you are doing. Maybe even to ask a few questions and give you permission to email them. Does this sound like a more productive environment?

The online equivalent to this scene is being played out today and every day and you can participate for free. It is called 'Social Networking' and more information on this is easily found with your favorite search engine.

Imagine if you are no longer perceived as another 'Salesman' but as a "Fellow Business Person" with similar problems and often good ideas for their solutions. Much like Napoleon Hill wrote about in his world renown-book, "Think and Grow Rich", you could be a team member of a virtual Mastermind Group. Chamber of Commerce Mixers have been an example of this approach for years and have been very successful for some who get it. Now you can accomplish nearly the same thing for your home business from your own computer.

Keep in mind, this should not be just another place to plaster your links. The strongest relationships are formed by giving first. Do a mental inventory and come up with something you know or have that would help others more than yourself. Find a way to offer it with no strings attached, no signup or email address required, just give it freely. I know it sounds crazy in this dog-eat-dog world, but trust me it works.

Alright, now it is all up to you. Continue contributing to the degradation of Internet bandwidth with the huge numbers of attempts required (many not even reaching their target) to get a single response, or try something that builds future relationships with new friends that are truly interested in what you are doing and not just trying to sell you something.
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Article must be published "as is" (unedited). Article must be published with below the author's bio paragraph (resource box) and copyright information included. URL in the resource box should be set as hyperlinks. Article cannot be used in spam communications
Bio paragraph (resource box) below:
ABOUT THE AUTHOR:Cody Moya writes about Business and Marketing in his weekly Business and Marketing Tips Ezine. You can sign up for his free Ezine and get additional information at his website:
In closing, I do totally agree with Cody’s advice of not plastering affiliate links in your emails immediately upon making contact. While you may see a few others doing so, I believe the “indirect approach” will serve you and your business much better in the long run.

You can learn more about at:
Happy Connections,

Christine Range

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Does A Photo On Your Site Really Increase Business?

Hello World,

Today, I just want to give some of my thoughts about placing photos on websites. I decided to keep today somewhat light-hearted. Yesterday, January 18, 2006, was a benchmark day for me. Over the five years that I have been active on the internet, it was not until yesterday that I placed my first photo online.

Within the past year, the pressure has been on to place a photo of myself at a few of my affiliate sites. Certainly, I don’t want to place photos on all the sites I join because often I join to research and test various programs. When I am satisfied the programs or systems do all they say they do and is indeed a useful tool for internet marketers, only then will I recommend them. In fact, I probably need to take the time to unsubscribe to some of them, many which I have even forgot I joined.

However, I really love researching and testing out products, services and programs. I guess some things are just difficult to get out your blood. Prior to entering my entrepreneurial mode, I worked for the Ohio Department of Corrections. One of the positions I held was, Inspector of Institutional Services. My major responsibility was to review institutional programs and services, ensuring they were in compliance with departmental policy and guidelines, state and federal laws. When they were not I made recommendations to bring them in compliance. Of the several positions I held, this was definitely my favorite one. It seems very natural transferring the skills I acquired in that position to internet marketing.

Anyway, back to placing my personal photo online. One of the reasons I have delayed placing my photo on the internet is because I was a previous employee of the Department of Corrections. So now I have come to this conclusion; after 12 years, if someone was going to come after they have had plenty time to do it. Also, in this information age it is very easy to locate almost anyone. Oh, I do want to just mention I became the department’s fourth female Deputy Warden of Programs in the state of Ohio for male prisons.

Let me get back on track here. I have read several articles from the experts and gurus in the industry regarding the importance of having your photo on your web site. One of the reasons given is people want to see who they are doing business with, they feel like they know you and are more inclined to join your program and buy from you.

Yet, when I have considered all the programs and business opportunities I joined or products and services I purchased, there was not one single time did I make the decision based upon a photo at the site. I took action to buy or join solely based upon the words used in the text ad. First, the ad was compelling enough to want me to read more. Secondly, it seemed to fulfill a need that I had or satisfy a desire I had - to accomplish something I wanted to do. Next, it was affordable and within my budget. Lastly, others were cited as having experienced success with it. Yes, testimonials most definitely played a part in my online purchasing decisions.

Despite my feelings and thoughts on this, others seemed to think a photo on your web site is a “Big Deal”. I even recently joined a program which will not pay your commission unless you have placed your photo on your affiliate site. I really like the program, I heavily promote the program, so needless to say this served as the catapulting force to get this photo business taken care of once and for all.

So some time back, I turned to my friend, Jeneene Crowell, insurance agent for Glenn Crowell Nationwide Insurance Agency. Jeneene and I have been doing business together for several years. Our offices are in the same building. When I need homeowner’s insurance coverage binders for the mortgage loans I process, Janeene provides excellent and fast service. She calls the borrower immediately, takes the application promptly and gets right out there taking pictures of the property.

I stopped Janeene one day in the hall and told her I really needed to get my photo on my affiliate web sites, could she take some pictures. Of course she agreed. Janeene really got into my posing for these photos. When we were finished, she said I email them right away to you, Christine. Well, I waited over a month still no photos sent to my email. I’m thinking this totally unlike Janeene. I gave Janeene a call and asked, did you forget to email me my photos? Her tone sounded a little strange when she said yeah, I did forget. I’ll do it right now. After, I opened the attachment and saw the photos, I couldn’t call Janeene back fast enough. When she answered, I blurted out, now I see why it took you over a month to email these pictures. We both burst out laughing! She said I don't why it is, but those pictures don't do you justice!

I saved the pictures to my hard drive and just sort of forgot they were there until this week. I received an email from one of my Global Domain International upline sponsors who said he visited my web site and it would have been nice to see my picture. That did it! I veered totally from my “things to do” list, just to place a photo on at least one of my sites.

My first attempt was to place it on Obviously, I had not resized it correctly because the photo did not display. I am a firm believer in not wasting a whole lot of time on things I don’t know that much about. Find an alternative. So I go to and decided to see how to place a photo on my blog right here: It asked for the URL where the photo was located, then reads, Find out how to get free “photo hosting”. I clicked the button. And, this is what I got....

Introducing BloggerBot: Now you can use Hello to publish pictures to any Blogger blog.

Meet BloggerBot: Just use Hello to send your pictures to BloggerBot. BloggerBot will automatically resize your JPG pictures, add captions and publish your photos to the web. You don’t have to resize by hand, transfer files, format, HTML post or even find a place to host your image –Hello does all the work for you. And it’s totally free. This is EXACTLY what I needed!

To get started you need to be a member. Through Blogger Bot’s partnership with Google they offer all Blogspot members free image hosting. If you’re hosting your own Blogger blog , you can use Hello to transfer pictures to your own server too. Hello also provides access to download Picasa, picture organization software, that manages all your pictures.

Thanks to, BloggerBot, Hello and Picasa, I was able to publish my first online photo to my first blogger site! It was a breeze and I would recommend this photo management account to anyone, especially if you are unfamiliar with this whole photo publishing thing.

Thanks to, I was able to place my photo on my Business and Social Network site at:
Actually here it was even easier – I just emailed my photo to their help email address and they place it on my affiliate site.

Well, I am totally off schedule placing photos online. However, now that it’s done, I am anxiously awaiting for all those new sign-ups and purchases from visitors to my site who can now see my face and feel more comfortable joining my programs and purchasing the products and services I promote.

Enjoy for now, photos SOON to be removed and replaced!

Christine Range

My First Online Photo

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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Ad Tracking: Essential Marketing Tool & NEW Breakthrough Service

  • Hello World,

    Here it is mid January 2006 and I am still in the midst of putting my online business resolutions into action. As I looked at 2005, one of the things I knew I needed to improvem is link tracking. I was taught early on by the network marketing experts the importance of tracking ad promotions. In spite of having this knowledge, in 2005 I did not do as well as I would have liked.

    So a couple of weeks ago, I went on the mission of locating a link tracking system that was easy to set up and use each and every day. I remembered reading an email from Craig Haywood, “ Discover What Works With”. Craig and I had been online acquaintances through some common network marketing programs we shared.

    Well, I came to a site where Craig Haywood was announcing the "biggest breakthrough" in link tracking the world has ever seen. Craig noted one of the biggest mistakes 90% of all online marketers make is not measuring their promotional response rate.

    With Craig’s New TrackThatAd link System, you will know:
  • How many people clicked on your banner
  • How many people clicked on your signature tag
  • How many people read your email or newsletter
  • Of any fraudulent clicks in your PPC ads
  • How successful your online and offline campaigns are
  • The best places to advertise
  • If piracy is being committed on your website
  • The results of an autoresponder campaign
  • Which campaigns deliver the best results
  • The time, date, IP Address Operation System and user agent of person who clicked on your link.

    I checked into a little closer, by visiting the site at:

    This IS What Mike Filsaime says: “It’s a no-brainer”

    “Hi Craig,

    I just wanted to tell you that I love The importance of testing and tracking is the unsung hero in internet marketing. But those that are successful online, it has been the secret golden key to our success.

    You get to find out what works and what doesn’t. Then you just keep trying to beat the control, or winning campaign.

    What I liked most about is that you also made it viral and to allow income potential and building an opt-in list at the same time.

    You have the premiere tracking service on the internet and I will be telling all my members about it. Anyone would be crazy not to join your service. And the fact that it is free just makes it a no brainier. Great job!


    Mike Filsaime”

    Craig Haywood says even if you are one of the worst-case scenarios to ever hit the web with Internet Marketing, you are going to love this. He went through great lengths when developing to create an auto-promotion feature that will take all of the work from you.

    Whether you join as a free or a pro member you have the option of making use of the auto-promotion feature.

    Having joined and the ease of using the link tracking service, I know this is one online resolution I will definitely keep for a long time. Oh, I almost forgot to mention you can get free leads and you can make passive income also.

    You will find more information about Craig Haywood’s system at:

    Happy Ad Tracking!

    Christine Range

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Revenue: Excellent Magazine for Affiliate Marketers

Hello World,

I just received my Volume 3, January/February 2006 Revenue magazine in the mail : REVENUES’ 2ND ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL - THE STATE OF ONLINE MARKETING.

Reading Revenue Magazine is an important part of growing my online marketing knowledge. This is one magazine that you will find yourself wanting to read from front to back cover. Revenue is a great resource for any affiliate marketer. provides the following Magazine Review and Description :

“Revenue magazine is the first publication devoted entirely to the world of affiliate marketing. It brings you interviews with industry starts, site-building strategies, technology tips, marketing know-how and much more—all geared to increasing your earnings and effectiveness as an affiliate. You’ll read about great programs, affiliates who have generated big incomes, ways to optimize your site on search engines, how to keep track of your finances, and everything else you need to know to create sites that succeed.”

According to Lisa Picarille, Editor-In-Chief; Revenue Magazine launched in January 2004. It has published eight issues on a quarterly schedule. The Volume 3. Jan/Feb 2006 issue kicks off their new bi-monthly publishing schedule.

The current issue reflects over the last two years and looks at the state of online marketing – what’s the latest in affiliate and performance marketing, what’s happened in the past and where the industry is headed. Top-notch marketers, industry leaders, experts, gurus and those in the trenches give their assessment and predictions.

The State of Online Marketing article includes predictions for growth in ad spending over the next year. The facts, the figures, the surveys and data all point to a future filled with opportunities for online marketers. Revenue also brings you some of the key indicators in “Facts and Figures” , page 58.

Some other topics that may be of interest to you are:

· Why more and more program managers are denying affiliates and offers expert tips on how not to be denied.

· How sites that promote health, fitness and wellness are employing some novel techniques to create loyalty among visitors.

· Why RSS is big among online marketers and how not to get bit by the hand that is feeding you.

· How Podcasting is emerging as an interesting and potentially lucrative opportunity for online marketers who want to reach a wider audience.

I would strongly suggest that any serious online marketer add Revenue magazine to their reading material resources. You can see a Digital Version of Revenue at:

Feel free to leave your comments.

Happy Reading!

Christine Range

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Vortex Marketing Group In Full Swing For 2006

Hello Everyone,

As I enter 2006, I wanted to take some time to reflect on my primary network marketing program, Vortex Marketing Group. I also want to share some new developments that is occurring with the company.

Looking over 2005, all I can say is , “Oh What A Great Year” for us! There have been many changes, scheduling and rescheduling and for us team members who hung in there, the benefits are going to be tremendous. This company is so fast growing , it is just unbelievable.

Timing Can Be Everything:
It is hard to believe I joined this network marketing team over one year ago in its early Pre-Launch stage. At that time, I was somewhere in the 5600 member range. Currently, my V-Line has over 186,000 members below me. This is definitely a FIRST for me. Timing Has Been Everything!

Company Update:
CEO/President, Joel Sauceda and Brad Harris, VP has motivated core members to successfully recruit and build their teams. I can not tell you the number of emails I have read from affiliates expressing that for the first time, they were having success recruiting and building a downline. In spite of having failed in the past, they were finally experiencing success.

Vortex Marketing Group uses a simple system for signing up members at no cost. Prospects are invited in using a $199 Benefactor Voucher which gives them a Silver Position with the company. It Works! Corporate Office just announced the Benefactor Voucher Program has been EXTENDED to February 1, 2006.

Anyone desiring more information or would like to request a benefactor voucher can do so at:

Within the past three months, several large, major organizations joined under the Vortex 50,000 core member base. These additions resulted in a phenomenal, massive growth for our membership. Actually, VMG may have made a little bit of history in the industry’s rapid growth area! And, the numbers keep rising and rising.

As I recall, it was about September 2005, I emailed Joel Sauceda after I logged into my back office. There were over 46,000 at that time in my V-Line. Joel, replied just keep checking in , it’s going to get better. Yes, this is one CEO who still does personally reply to his emails. It doesn’t matter whether it is a question, concern or a member just giving some deserving praise.

Unlike many network marketing companies, Vortex Marketing Group does not currently have forums. The method of communication and staying in the loop is to read Daily News at the site. This is where members receive all the updates and new announcements. You can see an example of our daily news site at:

Members having specific questions and concerns are addressed through direct emails to our corporate staff. Of course this direct pipeline to corporate staff makes all members feel like “heavy hitters”. Experiencing such rapid and expansive growth, I am not certain how long this will last. To date, I have not had one email go unanswered.

Xavier Gonzales is our IT Director who will be kicking off JBXNetSoft. This is the web design and hosting division of Vortex Marketing Group. Early 2006, this division will be in full swing. Many VMG members are already lined up to become Marketing Executives under Xavier’s leadership. Xavier is one terrific person and always welcomes members technology and internet questions.

Corporate Staff Additions:
Tom Paredes joined our Vortex Group in November 2005. Tom is President of International Expansion and has dramatically impacted VMG’s membership base. He has been responsible for bringing in thousands of new members. Tom is our MLM contributing mentor and brings over 28 years of experience and impeccable reputation in the industry to the Vortex Team.

I was very sad to learn that Tom suffered a heart attack last week and had to be hospitalized. Our CEO, Joel has been in constant contact with Tom and his family. Many members prayers and emails went out to Tom. We are ecstatic to learn from todays’ Daily News , Tom is recovering very well. He should be out of the hospital by Tueday, January 9th. We are looking
forward to Tom’s return.

Joe Daugherty is VP of the VoIP Divison of CashflowPC. This week Joe will be setting up training classes for the VoIP product and service. The supplier has given the go ahead to provide some new features and capabilities that will really leap Cashflowpc forward in providing VoIp service. These new developments and capabilities are expected to take place in January or February 2006.

Our newest corporate team addition is , Kathryn Rowoldt, Director ofCommunications. Kathryn provides a series of internet marketing training for members using our V-Vision Conference software. Members attending the training and meeting all the requirements become graduates and can advance to the next level of training.

The Vortex Marketing Group is NOW in business! Both the Cashflowpc Retail Center and VIP Rewards Program will be in full swing by late January or early February.
You can get more information about Vortex Marketing Group at:

May You All Have A Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2006!

Christine Range
Internet Marketing Specialist

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