Friday, August 29, 2008

How To Start Living On Green Energy

Affordable Way To Fight High Energy Bills
As the "energy crisis" becomes a focal point in our country, I have joined the ranks in finding ways I can personally contribute to the “going green” cause. With gas and energy costs on the rise and no reduction of costs in sight, I have decided to take a more proactive role in this area. Although economics and finances certainly play a role in my decision, I can not think a better issue to tackle and care about, for the sake of my grandchildren’s future, than trying find ways to help with energy concerns and global warming.

I, like many of you realize we can not just expect our government to solve this huge monster of a problem we face when it comes to our energy situation. This is one ”Ogre” that is bigger than our government can handle on its own. Yet, if each one of us, one by one, become genuinely committed to making some sacrifices and changes in our lifestyle and daily lives, we CAN make a difference!

Let’s decide to learn more about and seek new ways where we can lessen our dependence on oil, seek new energy alternatives, rid ourselves of addiction to fossil fuel and see how we can make better use of renewable energy sources.

What do I know about energy alternatives and renewable energy sources? Not much right now. I grew up in a small, rural Ohio community, Meigs County. It was a coal mining town for years, which is how my family ended up there from West Virginia. According to the account from my mother, my father, a coal miner all his life, heard about work there, they packed the family up and off they went. Unfortunately, my father had “black lung” when he died. The only fortunate part of this is, I was able to use his “black lung” benefits which helped support me when I went to college. I do know how some communities thrive on coal mining to support their families and as changes evolve, they will be impacted.

In Columbus, where I live now, many have opted for mass transit to alleviate some their finances from the extremely high gas prices. Places like Meigs, Gallia and Athens counties do not have these options available. Our Ohio Governor (Ted Strickland) his hometown of Portsmouth is not far from the region I grew up, so I am sure he is fully aware of transit restrictions. These parts have farmers who rely on their land and farm equipment to provide a living and many others who have no option but to use their own personal vehicles traveling to other nearby counties to support their families.

So, as I was researching to learn more about my new found mission, I came across an author, Andrew Oke, and one of his web sites that discussed Renewable Energy Solutions. My attention was drawn to this site because he was expressing his love for country living for he and his family. He and his wife had a dream to build a house in a rural area because she loved to farmed. As part of that dream, they wanted to “live-off-grid” (without an electric utility bill). The couple came to realize their dream and have now “lived-off-grid” for 14 years.

Andrew Oke does not paint himself to be a “rocket scientist.” In fact, his guides are “non-tech” and simple to understand. The point I want to make here is, Oke shares with others how to build a 1,000 watt Homemade Wind Generator with no special tools and no experience for under $150 instead of a commercial cost of about $2,500. He has been living free of an electric bill for 14 years and hundreds of families have duplicated his success. Below is a sample of the Guides provides:

Build Your Own Wind Generator Guide
Describes how to build a 1,000 watt generator needed to power an Off-Grid- Home for under $150 versus paying $2,500.

Solar Panel Installation Guide

A guide to help you build and install your own solar panels.

Run Your Generator on Biodiesel
A guide that explains the fastest way to rid yourself of an electric bill is by powering a generator with biodiesel or water.

Renewable Energy Solutions
A start from scratch guide and learn what you need to know for educating yourself about renewable energy.

Build Your Own Home
A guide that takes you from beginning to Building Your Own Home using his energy solutions.

If you live in the country, a rural area or have farmland, you might find these guides very beneficial to starting on the path of "going green."

How To Start Living On Green Energy Guides Here!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Free Online Business Course - New and Existing Entrepreneurs

Today's Recommended Business Resource

Free Online Course - How To Start Your Own Business is provided by My Own Business, Inc, a Non-Profit organization that offers a comprehensive online course to small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Get Educated First
My Own Business educates entrepreneurs by covering basic and essential knowledge that is needed by any business start-up. The course focuses on helping people who are considering small business ownership determine if they have entrepreneur traits before making financial and emotional commitments. The course also aims at fostering success and preventing economic losses arising from preventable mistakes. The course content has useful and beneficial material for existing small business owners desiring to expand and grow.

Whether you are "toying" with the idea of becoming a small business owner or you currently own your business - Take This Way To MY OWN BUSINESS, INC to get more information.

Free Business Resources - My Own

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Extra Income System Review - For Everyday People

Financial Woes
We are being told by some our country’s finest leaders and financial experts that our economy is not yet at a recession point. Regardless of what “scientific” term defines the current economy, the reality is people’s “buying” and “paying the bills” dollars are no longer stretching to meet everyday living expenses.

Attaching a label such as “recession” to what everyday Americans are experiencing financially does not seem that relevant. Most people know without a doubt, no matter what the “politically correct” term is, when they go to the gas pump, buy food at the grocery store, pay the mortgage-rent and utility bills or pick a small gift up for their children and grandchildren; their income is no longer adequate.

Then to “add insult to injury” some financial experts out there are still advising the “average person” to put six to twelve months of their living expenses in savings for emergency purposes. Don’t get me wrong, this all sounds like very good, practical advice. However for many people, barely scraping by (possibly one pay check from bankruptcy or foreclosure) this advice does not seem so practical at the moment. This poses the question, where is the everyday person, who is most likely working full-time, going to find some extra income?

Extra Income Options
Finding an answer to this question was vitally important for me because I am one those people transitioning from the mortgage related industry because of the subprime meltdown, bank closures and tighter lending guidelines. For the past week, I have been reviewing and researching various ways to supplement income because I need to put something in place quickly!

I found there are so many methods out there claiming you can receive extra income online and I am sure I did not even scratch the surface. Some were ruled out as scams, others were just too ridiculous to believe, and there were legitimate ones, yet these programs required a large investment upfront of either time and/or money...AND that just is not feasible for most people.

Project Pay Day System

Finally, I came across a particular “make extra money online” opportunity called Project Pay Day and I became very enthusiastic not only for myself, but also for others who could use it to generate more income to help their money matters.

Unlike, many of the unrealistic “make $1,000 a day” ads you see on the Internet, I found Project Pay Day to be one income source that could benefit average everyday people. You won’t “get rich” but thousands of people have proven it is a realistic extra income system for the “Average Joe.” Desirable Features of the System were:

* Easy straightforward instructions and guidance.
* Short length of time to implement and get started.
* Training videos with clear step-by-step instructions
* Low or ZERO cost to get started

Below is an introductory video for Project Pay Day. Take a few minutes to listen and review it. As always, feel free to post your comments.

NOTE: Project Pay Day is available in the United States and Canada only.

If You Are Unable To Access The Video Click Here For Project Pay Day Video

Check back often! I will be locating and recommending further credible extra income sources in an attempt to ease financial hardships for everyday people.

Final Note
The fastest way to benefit and get paid from Project Pay Day is by having an active PayPal account which takes a few days to get verified. If you need an account you can sign up for one below.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.