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How-To Use PLR | Private Label Rights Articles For Quality Content: Guide_ eCourse

Let's face it, with the holiday season quickly coming upon us, we need all the help we can get.

Change, multi-tasking, economic woes and preparation for the holiday season is causing me to experience a brief period of writer's block. I’m struggling to create and present you with some original ideas.

My heart-felt passion is to aid in teaching my readers by providing excellent “how-to” lessons, some practical tips and advice, and to offer some real value and insight.

Yet today, I’m really pressed for time. I have a ton of things on my “to do” list. Thanksgiving is arriving in a few days. Family is coming over for dinner. It’s been four days since I made my last blog post. Where do I turn?

PLR | Private Label Rights To The Rescue

I’ve never published content on the topic of PLR for a couple of reasons.

1. The internet is already flooded with an abundance of articles and reports on this subject. Don’t believe me? Just do a Google search and see what the engine fetches for you.

2. People grow tired of reading old, rehashed information that does not offer anything new, additional or useful.

Yet knowing this, I still decided to delve right in anyway. Why, you may ask?

Because of the situation I found myself in – at a loss for needed, high quality content to place on my blog. If I was in this predicament, possibly others were experiencing the same thing also. Other bloggers might find this information beneficial. Especially beginners starting out in this blogosphere arena.

Also, the tsunami of bad economy news got me to thinking of how to combine PLR products with methods for people to generate additional income. Now I can hear you saying, here we go, just more of the same. Bear with my for a minute – I beg to differ.

As I was researching this subject, I discovered an insurmountable number of articles and reports indicating PLR is still all the rage. PLR continues to be highly popular and has helped thousands of marketers make income and build profitable businesses.

Everyone seems to be pitching the idea of how easy it is to make money using PLR. Now what struck me as odd is....

If Making Money Is So Easy Using PLR Products, Why Isn’t It Being Said More Often ... Only 2% Of People Actually Produce Any Sizable Income With Private Label Products?

What is going on with the other 98%? I’m just going to venture to say, they are most likely not making one thin dime. These are probably people who download or buy products with the good intention of doing something with it later on down the line.

The PLR content then just sits on their computer taking up space because they have no clue how to start and step-by-step instructions are lacking. I know, I’m guilty of this myself.

Honestly, I’m sick and tired of marketers playing with other peoples emotions and desires (sometimes necessity) to make more money without equipping them with the right tools and information to have a decent chance at success.

I’ve gotten so worked up here, I’ve taken it for granted that everyone knows the definition of Private Label Rights (PLR). And some the new folks may not.

What is PLR?

For those unfamiliar with PLR, below is my definition and some examples:

PLR – Private Label Rights are products written or created by someone else which you can buy or download for free , edit the content if you choose and offer it to others, with your name on it, as if you were the author of the product.

Examples Of PLR - articles, ebooks, reports, newsletters, graphics, videos and audio software. (I) Most PLR are text-based because this format offers more options for editing and uses.

Now, think about this .... If the same content is floating around the Web with different authors names on it, how in the world is duplicate content going to drive traffic to your site when the search engines prefer unique content?

This indeed poses a problem for some PLR users because not everyone is capable of revising content to the degree that search engines pick it up as unique material.

Lacking are key elements, skills and tools for PLR users to generate income with these type of products.

One place I
for PLR content which requires no editing of articles is Easy Private Label Rights Articles

Better yet, if you are serious about learning how-to make any sizable income from PLR content, you definitely need a good, expert source. A guide you can trust to follow, written by someone who has been there and done that.

See Your Solution Below.

PLR eCourse

Finally, you can have your OWN automatic profit machines without writing a word -- with PLR ecourses.
Finally, you can have your OWN automatic profit machines without writing a word -- with PLR ecourses.

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