Monday, February 22, 2010

Why Affiliate Marketing Is Still Number 1

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===> My new post will be arriving soon! <=== Of all the online business models, Affiliate Marketing is still the #1 method for generating income online.

The Reasons 'WHY' Are Simple...

  • No payments to collect

  • No customer support

  • No inventory to pay for

  • No products to ship

  • Inexpensive to get started

  • Ability to promote many different types of products

  • And many more benefits....

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    ==> Here's Ten Top FACTS You Need To Know<==

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    2. 23.7% opt-in conversions through squeeze pages

    3. Sales conversions are 17.3% during Alpha and Beta to date

    4. The niche is 'GREEN' -- extremely popular right now

    5. Traffic and opt-ins can be automated

    6. The multiple affiliate programs you will earn from do NOT need to be purchased

    7. Complete, pre-writen autoresponder messages

    8. You OWN the lists generated -- this is a "Biggie"

    9. No monthly program charges to stay a member

    10. LOW Cost of $37 to access entire turnkey system

    -- AND, if these 10 facts aren't enough, here's another element of this business model system that ANY new online marketer (even those who have struggled to make money) will greatly appreciate...

    This opportunity is still in pre-launch and "EVERYONE joining in this phase" gets $135 within 72 hours just to prove the marketing team knows what they are doing.

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    Christine Range