Monday, May 22, 2006

Review: Online Marketing Today

Resource Tip:

If you’re looking for more effective ways to profit from your website and online promotion efforts, I came across a site that offers very useful advice.

Online Marketing Today is a free semi-weekly website promotion letter designed to help affiliates and networkers better market their products and services. It offers both promotion advice and software. Before you say, oh here we go again, more hyped up junk, I really did not find that here.

Website Promotion Advice:
The site offers Step-By-Step website promotion ideas and strategies to dramatically reduce your advertising costs. The information is very well organized and easy for anyone to understand.

While you are there, you can pick up a free copy of Duncan Carver’s Link Management Assistant valued at $197, to automate your strategic reciprocal link partner campaign for better search engine ranking.

I have only recently, subscribed to the newsletter and resources offered. However, I wanted to give you the ‘heads up’ on this site because of the worthwhile resources and tools I found (without all the fluff). I intend to provide some future updates based upon the results I have personally experienced.

In the meanwhile, I did a Google search for Duncan Carver and received page after page of results and information. He is presented as a reputable source; here is some of his *bio* “CEO of Internet Marketing Innovation, Ltd. A company dedicated to providing innovative and affordable marketing solutions. His site has hundreds of free articles written by some of the most professional online marketers of our time.”

You can access the site below:

Duncan Carver’s Online Marketing Newsletter and Web Promotion Resources

To Your Continued Success,

Christine Range

P.S. Come back often to see what other 'gold nuggets' I find.