Monday, January 30, 2006

Can You Pass This “e” Marketer Test?

As an internet marketer who has been on the scene for awhile, I still find myself fighting against falling behind in this rapid ever-changing world of the Internet. Just when I think I am up to speed on major marketing techniques or new information technology, it changes. Something else comes along, new and improved. We’re told this is a “must have” if you want to succeed with your online business. It becomes all the buzz in the major marketing community.

I can only imagine how beginning internet marketers may be feeling overwhelmed and sometimes ready to give up. Many new team members are signing on based upon promotions that say “no experience or special skills required – you will receive complete training to be successful with your own home based business.” The sad truth is, many new affiliates and marketers are joining with no real idea of what will be truly required to thrive and survive in the “e” marketing world.

I recall during my earliest days, about 5 or 6 years ago, I joined a particular income opportunity affiliate program. The program informed new marketers to go to their forum first to find answers to their questions, prior to emailing upline sponsors. Also, to use the forum to stay updated and informed on what was happening.

I would go to the forums just to see what was being asked and answered, which did most of the time, answer any questions I may have had. One day there was an announcement to copy and paste some text to our affiliate site for a site change that was being made.

Well, a brand new member signed in and posted, "will someone help him because I do not know how to copy and paste." This call for help sparked off a fury of post after post from the more experienced marketers. The comments went from actually calling the guy stupid to an entire dialogue of the need to have separate forums for “newbies” who don’t know what they are doing. Quite frankly, I felt embarrassed for the guy, I can only imagine how he may have felt.

I immediately emailed my sponsor and ask him to go to the forum and read these posts. I told my sponsor, after seeing these type of posts, I would never ask a question in a forum. And, I would definitely not send any of my newly recruited members there to possibly be subjected to such comments and embarrassment. Even though this incident did not directly involve me, it actually lead to me staying out of forums for a long period of time and disliking the word “newbie”.

Here within the past couple of years, I have eased back in the forum arena with a pleasant surprise. The forum moderators are actively taking a stand, prohibiting abusive and flaming comments in posts toward other members. The more experienced marketers are taking a more considerate and supportive role toward new marketers. This is a welcome change which presents a more user friendly environment for beginning internet marketers.

Also, I believe the development of “newbie” sites (as you would call it) has been very beneficial for beginning “e”marketers. They can now be referred to sites with resources and training to elevate the most novice internet skills. And the experienced marketers can stay focused on income-producing and promotional techniques and strategies to build their income and team.

However, I am still felt prompted to share with both prospective and beginning marketers of the need to obtain certain basic skills which will enable you to grow more rapidly in this ever-changing internet marketing world.

Some of you experienced marketers may disagree with me here, but it is my opinion and thought that all “effective or successful” internet marketers are proficient in the following four areas:

Beginning Marketers - Can You Pass This “E” Marketing Test?

Personal Computer Skills:

1. Can you use a computer keyboard and mouse?

2. Can you create documents in a word processor?

3. Do you know how to copy, paste and save text documents?

4. Do you know how to use a html editor such as FrontPage?

5. Do you know how to install and update software?

6. Do you know how to maintain and update anti-virus software?

7. Do you know how to save documents, pictures and other data files to disks and cd-roms?

8. Are you familiar with scanners, digital cameras, printers, speakers and cd-roms?

Internet Skills:

1. Do you know basic surfing and navigation using a web browser?

2. Can you use search engines and effective search methods?

3. Do you know how to download programs, products and other files?
4. Do you know how to print web pages?

5. Do you know how to upload html pages to the internet using ftp?

Email Skills:
1. Do you know how to set up and maintain an email program?

2. Do you know how to compose, send, receive, organize, save and print email messages?

3. Do you know how to send, receive and open attachments safely?

4. Do you know how to manage contacts in the email address book?

Staying Updated With Changes:
1. Do you learn new skills by taking classes or enrolling in courses?

2. Do you subscribe to newsletters and ezines to earn new trends, resources, tools and applications?

3. Do you use and improve skills daily?

So, How Do You Rate As An “E” Marketer?

These are the basic skills anyone must possess who wants to succeed in an online business.

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Until Next Time...

Christine Range