Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Revenue: Excellent Magazine for Affiliate Marketers

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I just received my Volume 3, January/February 2006 Revenue magazine in the mail : REVENUES’ 2ND ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL - THE STATE OF ONLINE MARKETING.

Reading Revenue Magazine is an important part of growing my online marketing knowledge. This is one magazine that you will find yourself wanting to read from front to back cover. Revenue is a great resource for any affiliate marketer. provides the following Magazine Review and Description :

“Revenue magazine is the first publication devoted entirely to the world of affiliate marketing. It brings you interviews with industry starts, site-building strategies, technology tips, marketing know-how and much more—all geared to increasing your earnings and effectiveness as an affiliate. You’ll read about great programs, affiliates who have generated big incomes, ways to optimize your site on search engines, how to keep track of your finances, and everything else you need to know to create sites that succeed.”

According to Lisa Picarille, Editor-In-Chief; Revenue Magazine launched in January 2004. It has published eight issues on a quarterly schedule. The Volume 3. Jan/Feb 2006 issue kicks off their new bi-monthly publishing schedule.

The current issue reflects over the last two years and looks at the state of online marketing – what’s the latest in affiliate and performance marketing, what’s happened in the past and where the industry is headed. Top-notch marketers, industry leaders, experts, gurus and those in the trenches give their assessment and predictions.

The State of Online Marketing article includes predictions for growth in ad spending over the next year. The facts, the figures, the surveys and data all point to a future filled with opportunities for online marketers. Revenue also brings you some of the key indicators in “Facts and Figures” , page 58.

Some other topics that may be of interest to you are:

· Why more and more program managers are denying affiliates and offers expert tips on how not to be denied.

· How sites that promote health, fitness and wellness are employing some novel techniques to create loyalty among visitors.

· Why RSS is big among online marketers and how not to get bit by the hand that is feeding you.

· How Podcasting is emerging as an interesting and potentially lucrative opportunity for online marketers who want to reach a wider audience.

I would strongly suggest that any serious online marketer add Revenue magazine to their reading material resources. You can see a Digital Version of Revenue at:

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